Anatomy of a Canteen

Ugh. Canteen. is a light-weight Fallout 4 survival-only mod that mimics Fallout New Vegas' Vault 13 Canteen.

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Anatomy of a Canteen


Ugh. Canteen. is a light-weight Fallout 4 timer mod that started smaller (and derpier) than it is now. The original scripting was only a timer that would not re-start. At the time I made it after speaking to a friend, I had only a limited amount of knowledge of Papyrus and had followed a tutorial. This was some time in 2017.

It was not until Ender, one of Tarshana’s ‘marauders’, mentioned needing a mod of this nature that I remembered the mod and dug it out of the pits of my old lap top. Thank you, Ender.

It is inspired by the Fallout: New Vegas Vault 13 Canteen, runs concurrently with Survival mode, and actually checks if the player is sleeping so that it can turn off during sleep and not create issues for the player. This is not something the original FONV Canteen did.

Form IDs


Because this is an Xbox mod, the FormIDs were not compressed for ESL formatting, as you can see by the new, CK-generated formIDs for the Sound Descriptor forms.


I wanted a unique, but external asset-free sound for the male and the female to help players distinguish when their character took a sip from the canteen to provide added immersion.

The game provides a male and female version of drinking and those were combined into a compound sound with two others that made a fun, not-quite-a-slurp sound.


However, this does mean that any mod that changes the base games sounds will override the new compound sounds. See User Documentation for compatibility and load order suggestions.


The quest is start enabled with a priority of 0. It contains a single Reference Alias for the canteen inventory object; a single, run-on-start stage (10); and single papyrus script.


The new scripting checks for a number of things on start up and even while the player is sleeping and includes shutdown functions to turn off the timer when the player shuts down survival mode.

I did not design the mod for removal, only for shutdown when Survival does.  Removal goes beyond the scope of simplistic nature of the mod to add additional checks, global variables, and terminal menu entries.


For those who have never seen the dev comments of HC_ManagerScript, “It puts the lotion in the basket…” not only is a Silence of the Lambs reference but is a play on the dev start up comment, “It rubs the lotion on its skin…”

You’ll notice the lack of debug.trace() as it is not possible to check the Papyrus log on Xbox.

XBox One Archives

The mod is a pure Creation Kit creation with a single script compiled within the kit. No additional assets were necessary. The BA2 archive, while unnecessary on Xbox, contains both the  PSC source and the compiled PEX Papyrus script.



You can download the mod here. Installation instructions and load order here.

Contact and Feedback

If you have any questions, please use the official mod page forum and if you experience unexpected behavior, please contact me or post in the comments.

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