Mod Release: Wasteland Imports Updated

Mod Release: Wasteland Imports Updated! Version 1.52.2 The mod is up-to-date with the PC version, ready for new goodies, and a smaller file size!

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Mod Release: Wasteland Imports Updated

Wasteland Imports: Goodies from all across the wasteland...
version 1.52.2


There are breaking changes between version 1.51.1 and this new version. Even on PC. Mikado made several changes to how the mod functions including removing Force Lock. Junk items and foods, however, have been returned to vanilla and so junk and food patches are no longer necessary.

Xbox version is 1.52.1 PLUS:

This version is more QoL for me than for players. The main take away is that it is up-to-date with the PC version, ready for updating, and the file size is smaller since I've compressed the new sounds.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed issue with new addictions not calculating properly.
  • Temporarily removed Auto-stimpaks from being craftable. Xbox VATS Freeze fix mod isn't compatible with the latest version of UFO4P and so new scripting is being implemented and will be in the next version. Hooks are there, but now that we can update our mods after having a broken interface for 3 months, I wanted to go ahead and push this out.

Quality of Life Updates:

  • Brings over bug fixes from the Unofficial Patch for compatibility and quality of life purposes.
  • Adds all DLC to plugin as a requirement for easier under-the-hood-reference in later updates.
  • Added hooks for Canary Save Manager.

For future updates:

  • Added hooks for Ugh. Canteen.
  • Added hooks for Retention magazine expansion
  • Added hooks for Cheat Terminal to get goodies

Version Control:

Version control implemented for future maintenance.

Pushed to version 1.52.2 for Xbox

Xbox Compression:

  • Sound files were compressed into wxm format before packaging for Xbox for a smaller file size.

Go explore the Commonwealth and find all the new goodies.

Technical Support

Support is provided on Discord and the comments section of the documentation.

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