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The Odd Little Mod Lounge is a place where you can sit back and relax. Read the journal, study load order information, and modding guides. It is the home of the oddlittleturtle's mod development journal for Fallout 4, Skyrim, and Starfield mods, 3lric's Fallout 4 Mod FAQs, and is dedicated to preserving data for Fallout 4 Load Orders. You will find A Vault Dweller's Load Order Survival Guide and the Fallout 4 Load Order Framework within the FAQs.

Fallout 4 Load Order Framework and Survival Guide

The Survival Guide has humble roots that began in February of 2017 when it was just a list of Xbox One mods that worked together using Wahker’s original load order list that had descended from other Bethesda Fallout games. Over the last four years, as Turtle began making their own mods for Fallout 4, the guide has expanded into a full FAQ and Framework Guide to help users learn with example mods for placement.

Former Parent Thread

The original Parent Thread was created by VagorDacil and used Wahker's original load order list. As mods were made and more information became available about how the FO4 Creation Engine is different from Skyrim's, Turtle made a new list for TheJeepDriver's new thread. Jeep did the design work for the Google sheet using Turtle's list and maintained the Fallout 4 Load Order FAQ and Assistance Thread on Bethesda.net. The thread and framework would not be what it is today without Jeep's passion for organization and enthusiasm to start a new thread when the original was languishing with old data.

Parent Discord Server

The server is dedicated to both FO4 and Skyrim console mods so specify which game you wish to receive help for. Download a template, fill it out, and ask your questions. Stick around for the fun and chats.

Fallout 4 Load Order Framework: A Vault Dweller’s Load Order Survival Guide – The Google Document (permalink https://tinyurl.com/FO4LoadOrderFramework)
Updated Fallout 4 Load Order FAQ and Assistance Thread – All Platforms, maintained by thejeepdriver, load order list created by oddlittleturtle (Archived)
Fallout 4 Load Order Framework Template, maintained by thejeepdriver, load order list by oddlittleturtle (permalink https://tinyurl.com/FO4LOFrameworkTemplate)
Fallout 4 Survival Guide Parent Server, Armored Reptile Gaming

About oddlittleturtle

oddlittleturtle is a passionate gamer who has been playing video games for the better part of thirty years. They have been a part of the Xbox community for 15 years when they “graduated” from Tombraider on PS1 and PS2 to Tombraider on Xbox 360. They are a member of the Xbox One Insider program and a technical and hobby writer.

Turtle has been a part of the gaming and modding community at the Bethesda.net official forums since mods became available to Xbox and has been helping Xbox users with load orders since then. They were drawn to the Nexus modding community in 2010, and after playing Skyrim on the Xbox 360, familiarized themselves with the Creation Kit in order to customize their own game on PC. Prior to that they made their own custom modules for Neverwinter Nights in order to visualize stories playing out in their head.

It was not until Fallout 4 mods became a thing on Xbox that Turtle’s passion for gaming turned into a passion for helping other gamers Survive Load Order Disorder and to help them and other modders understand that there are limitations to modding the Xbox One.

Turtle is a part of the Xbox and PC modding community through Discord. They are currently the Captain of Armored Reptile and are on the support team for Collective Modding. Now that Starfield is out, they will be updating Starfield Wiki with information, especially for Game Pass and Xbox.

Turtle runs a small hobby farm with their spouse.  As a duo, they are equally passionate about animals as they are gaming and enjoy animal rescue, camping and nature walks, writing fiction, Marvel comics, wine-tasting, and learning new things.

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Fallout 4 Game Modifications

Odd's Mods

Oddlittleturtle is just as passionate about avoiding console mod incompatibilities as they are about load orders and doing what they can to bring you tweaks that make sense. However, if you wish to keep up with what they’re working on, subscribe to Twitter, Mastodon, or subscribe to the newsletter for updates. If you have load order questions, join us on Discord!

Odd Little Tweaks

Featured Mod!
Ugh. Vendor Rugs. is a featured mod on Bethesda.net for the Month of June! Download it today!
Ugh. Vendor Rugs a featured mod!

3lric's Mods

3lric is a fellow Fallout 4 console modder with over 27 years of modding and computing experience and a friend. Turtle has broken his mods several times in the testing and making of them. 3lric hosts his FAQs here since the closure of the Bethesda.net forums where they were previously posted.

3lric’s Mods

Congrats 3lric
Bethesda featured 3lric as May’s Monthly Modder. Congrats, man! They talked about Factories of the Commonwealth.
Monthly Modder for May of 2021!
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Team 3lritech's Mods

Turtle is on 3lric’s modding team as an environment designer (decorator), lighting and ambiance designer, turtle, cheerleader, and Minion wrangler.

3lritech Mods

FotC: Featured Mod at Bethesda
Download Factories of the Commonwealth, the building and scrapping playground for consoles. We’re a featured mod this month!
Featured Mod for May 2021!


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