Access to content on our site is free, but it costs money to keep up without your support.

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Why donate?

Access to content on our site is free, but it costs money to keep up without your support. We do not want to have to add ads to our content. We've just gotten away from a service that did that. You can help keep ads off our site, plus donations are a nice way to tip us to say, "Thank you!"

100% of donations given to us goes directly into maintaining the site, paid forward into new modding projects (such as the purchase of new 3D assets), and charitable contributions to the arts. Turtle is a patron of the arts, animal rescue, and to wounded warriors.

I do not mod in exchange for money or traded goods. You give because you like what I do for the community. I mod and assist with load orders because I enjoy it.

Ways to give

Paid site subscription - Our website is 100% free and features a free email newsletter of each article, but it costs money to keep it ad-free. A monthly or yearly donation goes a long way.

Patreon - Patreon is a monthly donation that comes with merch and voting polls that give you the power to decide what you want to read on our site. Once the site is fully functional, Patron Pledges will be opted in for our members-only articles and newsletter here.

Ko-fi - Ko-fi is similar to Patreon but allows for one-time donations in any amount you'd like. Any amount goes a long way in keeping the website ad-free.

Merch - You can buy merch from RedBubble and Patreon. Tell people how you really feel with our branded stickers, t-shirts, backpacks, and mugs. (There's over 40 different goodies to choose from on RedBubble.)

Steam Gift Cards - Emailed to - These are for the purchase of content to mod.

Xbox Gift cards - Emailed to - We use these to for giveaways to our members and the purchase of Creation Club content for modding them.

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