If you're looking for the original Parent Thread of the Survival Guide, here is the archived link: Fallout 4 Load Order FAQ and Assistance Thread. You'll find me as oddlittleturtle.

Mod Requests Policy

I have a list of things and ideas that I'm making for people to play with.

I make console-exclusive mods. I value your input. It helps me see what people want to play with, and how I can make my quests and adventures fun for you.  You can read more about my requests policy here:

Credits and Permissions
Our Game Modifications Policy and list of Modders’ Resources and Porting Permissions
Mod request policy

Bug Reporting Policy

Send me links to your Load Order. You must provide links to mods you are using on your Load Order Framework sheet. I'm not here to judge what you're playing with I need to compare the mods you have against mine to make sure there's no overlap. If there's overlap, then it might not be a bug, it may be something I can fix with a compatibility patch.

Bugs are addressed once a month if I receive reports for the same issue from several different individuals.

You can also use the bug reporting form on Discord. Check the FO4 Bug Form channel. If you've found a bug in a port, let's discuss it on the load order channel. We need to compare everything in your load order first.

My mods will require starting new games if updated for bug fixes. I do not support updating or mod removal in the middle of a playthrough.

Load Order Assistance

If you need load order assistance, post your load order Framework link on Discord.

Join us as we set sail on the good ship ARG! All about our Discord Server and Server Rules.
The Parent Server

Here's how to get in touch!

Email me

Dog Rename Requests

If you are already a member of the Parent Server, and would like your dog's name to be in one of my dog rename series, you can fill out these forms. If you do not wish to join the server, use the contact form above "Mod Request".

Best Dog Ever Request Form

Dyno - Best Dog Ever Submission Form Form
If your dog has passed and you would like to rename Dogmeat to your dog’s name, fill out this form.You can also use the contact form on Turtle’s website:
Must be a member of the Parent Server to fill out.

My Amazing Mutt! Request Form

Dyno - My Amazing Mutt! Submission Form Form
If you would like a personalized TransDogrifier collar named after your dog with a fun backstory just for you, fill out this form. Note: PS requests won’t have the renaming of Dogmeat due to SONY restrictions. (There is not a default script for such things.) Xbox versions will be scripted to rename…
Must be a member of the Parent server to fill out.



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