[WIP] Unique Uniques: Xbox One Update

Got any ideas for me? What special effect do you think December’s Child should have? What about MacCready’s rifle? Do you think a grenade that will cause enemies to frenzy with the smell of freedom is a good idea or sounds fun?

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[WIP] Unique Uniques: Xbox One Update

In September, a discussion on the Armored Reptile Gaming Discord became a mod request wherein Tarshana reached out to Trainwiz for us to update Unique Uniques to bring it up to date with the current build of the game.  It needed to be updated for the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch in order to work ideally with Xbox One load orders, and the current version is missing unique weapons mods for the DLC.

It was not something that I was expecting to do because of my aversion to making weapons and weapon object mods, but I’m glad she did it! I’ve been having a blast the past month thinking up and creating new weapons mods for the unique weapons in the DLCs and for the Companions weapons.

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