Mod Release: Factories of the Commonwealth

Mod Release: 3lritech Presents: Factories of the Commonwealth - New settlement with many bells and whistles!

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Mod Release: Factories of the Commonwealth


Did you know you can have Fallout 4 quest mods on PlayStation?

There haven't been very many because of how many work around and hoops mod developers have to go through, but now you experience not one but three all new quests and have your very own factory settlement for PlayStation!

We've been working diligently for nearly two years on a console mod that is as epic as it was fun to make.

So What IS It?

Three NEW Quests - Learn what happened in the factory before the War and the in the aftermath.

Three NEW Arcade Machines - Totally new and they don't require Nuka World to play and win prizes!

Brand NEW Settlement - The settlement is completely scrappable from top to bottom (sans the powered objects and things too dangerous to scrap). Don't like dirt? No problem. Scrap it!

Fully realized scrapping plant - Turn the machines on to scrap your junk and then go play in the arcade or build your settlement while your junk is scrapped.

Pick your prizes - Earn currency from the arcades and then pick out your winnings from one of three themed terminals.

Piezonucleic & Nucleostrictive Power Armor Auto-Plater - Supe up that Armor with a new machine and new plating.

Formation of a New Team

I had the very awesome privilege of working with a bunch of great people on this project.

Introducing Team 3lritech!


Our alien overlord. Project lead and mod designer. He converted all of Werty's PS4 builds to the letter in the Creation Kit.


Lead builder. Everything you see in the lower level is Werty's builds from PS4. He also did some work in the main room of the upper level.

Dimbass or Tim-timman

PS4 Voodoo specialist. He unborked Havok (and blew up a few teddy bears in the process) to get the ball to drop randomly on the Plinko arcade machines as well as all the heavy scripting work. Proof of concept mods.


Created the interior cell. Lighting, effects, upper floor decoration, some stuff on the lower floor, elevator. Linking into WorkshopParent. Created Ugh. Garage Kit. for Werty to build with. The machine I did the most work with sadly ended up being cut because we couldn't make it work. Bug testing, bug squishing.


Original factory designer. He did the initial design of the building, mapping out how each scrap machine should go so they flowed together in one glorious scrap extravaganza.


Tester Emeritus. He put in hundreds of hours of testing over the 1.5 years it took to make the mod. The Beta in WIP had 210 versions before release.

JESTR_ACTUAL and theJeepDriver

Beta testers. They gave us great insight from players' perspectives that helped shape the build, letting us know what was fun and what wasn't.


Be sure to check out 3lric's informative FAQ before downloading. It's also available on Xbox.

FAQ Download Download


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