Mod Release: Start Me Up Redux

We're excited to announce that oddlittleturtle has ported Start Me Up Redux to Xbox!

· 2 min read
Mod Release: Start Me Up Redux


Are you tired of playing the concerned parent, but also want to play with a mod that has been updated and carries over the bug fixes to dialogue and other scripting from the Unofficial Patch?

Start Me Up by TinyManticore was released to the public as a modder's resource in 2018 when the original mod author took a break from modding for real-life issues. It was brought to Xbox by chucksteel but only in its beta 6.1 state. Dashboarderian took up the reins and has updated it and fixed several long-standing bugs and issues. Thanks to DAmanding, Turtle has brought that over to Xbox with permission. She's also updated the main script to take into consideration several Creation Club content items for the Four Eyes and Unsightly perks.

Requires a New Game

There are breaking changes between chucksteel's Start Me Up 6.1 port and Turtle's Start Me Up Redux 5.2.1 version. They both have the same name. Do not switch between the two. Dashboarderian has done a lot of work getting things fixed and updated. Start a new game so things do not behave unexpectedly.


Read the documentation before downloading. There are two different versions and several patches and add-ons.

Technical Support

Follow Dashboarderian's road map on Nexus Mods. We'll update the Xbox version when they do.

If you have any questions or need assistance finding the right placement in your load order, come chat with us on Discord. Start Me Up is and always has been a main quest overhaul and load order planning, organization, and management are keys to a successful playthrough.

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