Start Me Up REDUX for Xbox

2-7-2023 - SMUR 7.0 introduces breaking changes to the code that is not compatible with previous versions. Finish your current playthrough before updating. See the changelog below for all updates. SMUR 7.0 requires UFO4P 2.1.4+. Questions? Join us on Discord.

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Mobile devices: Turn your device on its side to view all menus. This website is best viewed at 1920 x 1080 to access all pages of the Survival Guide. The pages have multiple columns of links.


Start Me Up frees you from the role of a concerned parent through dialogue changes and gives you choices of alternative starts. However, the original, both on PC and Xbox, has not been updated.

This is an updated version of Start Me Up - Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul that features bug fixes, additions, and patches, and carries over UFO4P bug fixes. The Xbox version features optimized and more streamlined scripting, removing debug-only lines that did not work correctly on Xbox. (Xbox does not have debug mode enabled.)

Start Me Up REDUX for Xbox
You don't have to play the vanilla start


  • Two new alternate main quests. You're a pre-war Vault Dweller of Vault 111 and witness a murder and kidnapping, or you're a Wastelander and hear about a mysterious vault to the North.
  • Spliced dialogue. Over 800 dialogue edits. You won't be taken out of the game with strangely silent dialogue. Lips of your characters and NPCs move as they should.
  • Full Dialogue Interface integration. Choose between normal vanilla prompts, or full sentences.

Alternate Start

  • Start inside Vault 111 as a pre-war Vault dweller after being released from the cryo-pod by mistake.
  • Select your own SPECIAL stats and up to 20 Traits.
  • Explore the world and find out who the mysterious killer is and why they kidnapped a baby from the vault.

Wastelander Start

  • Start outside the vault at one of 38 locations (menu is sorted by difficulty).
  • Choose one of 38 different occupations, including factions, to determine your starting gear.
  • Choose your own SPECIAL stats.
  • Choose from 20 Traits (these have roots in past Fallout games), with buffs and de-buffs.
  • Choose how much gear you have (4 levels of difficulty).
  • Choose your starting level (up to level 100).
  • Choose a random start or randomize any of the above for a game that is totally unique to your current playthrough.
  • Wastelanders can start the main quest by finding Vault 111. Follow Rumor of a Vault in your pip-boy.

Alternate Mods

Do you want just a quick skip? Use SKK Fast Start instead. It is more robustly written and compatible with more mods. Start Me Up is and always has been a total overhaul of the main quest, and therefore not compatible with many mods that want to touch the same things. It should be seen as a total game overhaul.

Versioning Info

See the Nexus Mod page for a full list of changes. There are a lot of changes to bring the mod up to date.

The Xbox version includes a scripted fix for losing all items at the beginning so that you can have more mods in your load order at startup. This is for older mods such as Bullet Time. Note that this could cause conflicts if attempting to use other mods that change the player's character or what they're wearing.

The Xbox version also takes into consideration Creation Club items (not required) to add certain hats/helmets and goggles for Unsightly and Four Eyes Traits. The script only checks once and is not retroactive. It was something I was working on prior to learning someone had already done a bug fix mod for SMU and added it to it.

The Xbox version primary scripting has been forked to fix issues with debug code (debug is not available on Xbox or in Release-version compiled scripting). The plugin includes the use of Messages to show the options on the screen for the player.



How To Install

See Load Order for the order in which to download and enable your chosen mods.

See Download for button links to mod pages in the menu on the right side of your browser (mobile devices, flip your device on its side).

  1. Install Unofficial Patch, SMUR, SMUR Nuka World.
  2. If you do not want Shaun to look like you, install the optional Shaun Face Fix Add-on.
  3. If you have the Creation Club CR74L and wish to update one of the terminal entries, install the optional CR74L Add-on.
  4. If you are using the Full Dialogue Interface version, install FDI and Look Up Failed.
  5. Start new game

How To Remove

  1. Delete SMUR and any patches for SMUR
  2. Delete saves associated with the mod
  3. Clear cache
  4. Start new game

How to Update

Wait to update UFO4P if UFO4P has an update. I will need to confirm the scripting so things do not break.

Check the changelogs on mod pages prior to updating and do not update until all patches have the same version number.

I will announce on Twitter when updates are ongoing so you will be aware of any issues. Follow oddlittleturtle on Twitter.

Due to issues with API and my account, updating takes longer. Wait until all 5 mod pages have the same version number before updating. Stay informed when updates are complete by following us on Twitter.


Part of building your Framework and mod management is knowing when to download mods.

Load Order Framework
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Build Your Framework

Adding mods to your favorites from the website as you Build Your Framework can help you stay organized. Select a button below to be taken to mod page on the website. Add it to your favorites and then boot up your game.

Normal Vanilla Dialogue Prompts

This version features dialogue that follows the shortened vanilla style.

Start Me Up REDUX SMUR Nuka World Patch

Full Dialogue Interface Dialogue Prompts

This version features full-sentence dialogue prompts. FDI is not a hard requirement but is recommended to be able to read the full sentence without cutoff. Select an option to be taken to the website. Add the mod to your favorites. Download from inside the game in load order.

Start Me Up REDUX - FDI SMURFDI Nuka World Patch
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Download FDI should you choose SMURFDI
The official site for Bethesda, publisher of Fallout, DOOM, Dishonored, Skyrim, Wolfenstein, The Elder Scrolls, more. Your source for news, features & community.
Look-up Failed is required if using FDI

Download Optional Add-ons

These optional add-ons work with either version of SMUR.

Shaun Face Fix Add-on

This is a separate and optional add-on that removes the isPlayerChild keyword from Shaun so that he will not look like the player.

Shawn Face Fix Addon only works on a fresh game. Shawn is a persistent reference that is pre-loaded as the game is starting up for the first time.

SMUR Shaun Face Fix Addon

Creation Club CR74L Add-on

This is a separate and optional add-on that updates a single terminal entry based on whether you've chosen to be a Vault Dweller or the Wasteland start.

Requires Creation Club CR74L.

SMUR CR74L Addon

Search Keywords

Are you having trouble finding my mods on the website from your in-game search or just by using the website? Use punctuation and search my login name oddlittleturtle or use the following keywords:

oddlittleturtle drunken-modding SMUR SMURFDI ugh.

Important Information

This is the English version only. Please contact Dashboarderian about creating any translations for Xbox.

Includes Far Harbor patch, but does not include Nuka World Patch for purposes of debugging. Grab that one and add it to your load order beneath this one so things work properly.

Technical Details

Xbox Scripting

Source Code for Xbox is available as gists on GitHub.

Start Me Up SMUQuestScript source code.

MQ101 Quest Fragment source code.

Start Me Up SMU_BathroomDoorScript source code.

Start Me Up SMU_SpawnTriggerScript source code.

Start Me Up Debug Code source code. (This code will not interfere with normal gameplay, it is DebugOnly and Debug is not available on Xbox. Added to help us time scripts by logging events to further optimize the code.)

Raiders SMU_OnHitRaider source code.

Raiders SMU_OnHitRaider2 source code.

Load Order

Load order is dependent on other mods you've chosen to use alongside it.

Load nearish the bottom of your Framework and limit how many mods you've chosen to avoid mod conflicts. If you prefer a mostly conflict-free framework, use SKK Fast Start instead.

Full Dialogue Interface can go above or below Start Me Up Redux, but there are fewer issues with the following suggested order. Lookup Failed is required if using FDI or you could get crashes during dialogue unrelated to SMUR or other mods due to changes to the HUD for Creation Club.

The optional add-ons are interchangeable and do not have specific load order requirements other than being below SMUR Nuka World. They work with both versions of the mod.

  • UFO4P

  • Your Load Order

  • Full Dialogue Interface (if using)
  • Creation Club Lookup Failed Patch (required if using FDI)

  • Start Me Up Redux
  • Start Me Up Redux Nuka World Patch
  • Start Me Up Redux Shaun Face Addon (if using)
  • Start Me Up Redux CR74L Addon (if using)


Choose either the FDI version or the normal prompts version. They both have the same name.

Do not update in the middle of your game. We are working hard to bring the mod up to date and further optimize the code, and any changes going forward will likely be breaking changes to the primary scripting that will not be compatible with previous versions of the mod.

Obviously not compatible with the original Start Me Up (or any other alternate start mods, such as No Main Quest or SKK's Fast Start New Game.) This version has the same name as the original. There are breaking changes between the version ported by chucksteel and this version. Do not switch between versions and expect smooth sailing.

Not compatible with Danse Dilemma. (UFO4P bug fixes are overwritten for several quests, and the dialogue does not match.) Xbox Danse Dilemma is not the same version as PC.

As with the original, not compatible with Silent Protagonist. Xbox does not have F4SE for the other silent protagonist mod.

As with the original, not currently compatible with Sim Settlements 2. Dashboarderian is working on a patch for it for Chapter 3 when it is available. I'll upload it after they've given me permission. Sim Settlements is 'technically' compatible, provided you only start at level 1.

As with the original, not compatible with dialogue mods that overwrite Piper's Interview or touch Preston's dialogue.

As with the original, not compatible with Amazing Follower Tweaks, Nora Spouse Companion, Dual Survival Nate Companion, or Piper Interview Restored. Spouse mods are overhauls to the main quest just as this one is; choose between vanilla with extras (the spouse mod) or this mod, which is a fully-realized alternative game without a spouse.

Heather Casdin is compatible with normal gameplay; however, the dialogue will assume you are looking for a child. See Nexus mod page for more information.

Not compatible with Immersive Gameplay or other gameplay overhauls. This is a gameplay overhaul. See Nexus mod page for Wastelander start information. The Wastelander start is one of the points of the mod.

Nuka World Reborn/Viva Nuka World - touches some of the same quests, which is one of the same issues for Danse Dilemma. These quests have script fragments that will be overridden and gameplay could break without their new scripting and conditionals for your chosen path.

Not compatible with mods that change the Pip-boy interface. This mod is scripted to add the Pip-boy when you leave the vault, and the new scripting ensures the Pip-boy is equipped to avoid an issue with an Xbox armor mod that added a brand-new Pip-boy to the player character and caused the player to have double Pip-boys.

Known Issues

The more Creation Club items are installed, the slower the start seems to be on Xbox. Be sure to wait at least 2 minutes before walking through the bathroom door after the menu screen. (Xbox Series is quite fast, but wait anyway just to give the Workshop scripting time to initialize.)

Wearing power armor into the Institute simulates a mod conflict with Start Me Up and mods that alter Shaun's default appearance - The Institute elevator becomes stuck the first time you enter the Institute. Do not use with mods that alter Shaun's appearance or make children killable (which isn't allowed on Bethnet anyway). There is a separate, optional patch to fix Shaun's appearance to keep the conflict from occurring -- however, there are rare instances where the issue can still occur even without other mods derping things.

No spouse spawn "bug" - If you have a spouse not spawning during the start-ups, this is a mod conflict (generally due to spouse mods like Amazing Follower Tweaks or Dual Survivor Nate Companion). Spouse spawns have been fixed by Dashboarderian.

This mod is scripted to avoid complications with an Xbox armor mod that added an extra Pip-boy to the player and other mods that incorrectly inject their inventory items at the wrong stage. As a result complications can arise if using with mods that update the Pip-boy interface that do not use the same model path or same, vanilla armor form as the vanilla Pip-boy.

For other issues and troubleshooting, check the Nexus mods page.


If you have issues with start-up item removal or a Creation Club item not working properly with Unsightly or Four Eyes, contact me. We have a bug reporting form on Discord if you prefer not to share your email address with the contact form. All other issues should be reported on the Nexus page.


Contributors and Developers

Port would not be possible without Dashboarderian creating it in the first place.

Port would not be possible without DAmanding getting in contact with Dashboarderian.

Redux version would not be possible without the original mod author, TinyManticore, releasing Start Me Up as an open-source modders resource.

Unofficial Patch Team - script and dialogue fixes

oddlittleturtle - additional script updates for Xbox version


The main changelog is maintained on the original Nexus page.


7.0.0 introduces breaking changes to the primary scripting. Please do not update in the middle of your game. Report any issues with starting the quest on Discord.

  • Raiders scripting updated
  • Debugging scripting added
  • Bathroom Door Script was slightly optimized and replaced the function for leveling up and debug message boxes.
  • Raiders' alias scripting was updated to add more checks and ensure raiders do not immediately attack if the other script happens to slow down on the console.
  • Shaun Face Fix Addon - plugin flag for ESL Removed. Not necessary on console.
  • CC CR74L Addon - plugin flag for ESL Removed. Not necessary on console.
  • See Dashboarderian's changelog for other changes. Carries over plugin updates from Dec 2022.
  • All versions bumped to 7.0.0


  • See Dashboarderian's changelog for other changes.
  • MQ101 quest fragment updated to take into consideration mods that manipulate the Pipboy. Player reported double Pipboys when using other mods. (Reported on Discord)
  • Shaun Face Fix Addon - plugin flag for ESL Removed. Not necessary on console.
  • CC CR74L Addon - plugin flag for ESL Removed. Not necessary on console.
  • All versions bumped to 6.1.1


  • Updated for Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch 2.1.4
  • Shaun Face Fix Addon - plugin flag for ESL removed. Not necessary on console.
  • Xbox script updates carried over from 5.2.1.
  • All versions bumped to 6.0.1 for Xbox.


  • Shaun Face Fix Addon - plugin flag for ESL removed. Not necessary on console.
  • All versions bumped to 5.2.1 for Xbox.




Mod is under active development. Help improve the mod by making suggestions or reporting any unexpected behaviors. Get involved to make suggestions for improvement or new start-up quests.

Don't forget to thank Dashboarderian on Nexus for their work. Download and endorse on Nexus. A mod manager is not required; no payment is required. Nexus accounts are free. Manually download, wait 15 minutes, and click the endorse button. Show them some love and thanks!

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