Ugh. Doors. ...And Things.


These are settlement workshop objects requested by Werty Perty as well as a few objects that I needed for a build. Mostly door-like items, but there are some interesting rocks, a working shower head, a working chemical shower, an extra-large generator, and an 'artesian well' that produces 50 water.


See pics for all items added. This may or may not be the mod for you. Test it on your test character first to make sure this is the mod you want to use. If not then just delete the mod and delete the save.

Created for PS4 so no external assets or scripts. As-is, where-is. Xbox: Activators are scripted with vanilla scripts so if you're using a mod that modifies them, the doors and decontamination showers may not work properly.

Use Place Anywhere/QwaPA to align them where needed.

For large objects, build a ladder high and look down to place it on flat land. Requires some fiddling. Werty Perty on YouTube has some placement videos for large objects. Xbox: In the Place Anywhere menu, turn on Grid Snapping and toss a wall down first to keep the objects in the green.

Flat dirt cliffs, space elevator, & vault stair doors are navmeshed.

Collision wonky on space elevator. Requires external asset to fix.

Wire collision wonky on water wells and generator. Requires external asset to fix. Place it in the air first to snap a wire then sink it where you want it after you've wired things. Select wire and cancel to align wire properly under the ground.

Powered objects. Do not uninstall in the middle of a playthrough.

If workshop grid snapping is not enabled for the placement of the showers, you'll have to place them in the ground first.

Experimental: Showers should attract NPCs in their downtime, but showers aren't furniture objects, they're activators for the Player character to use. NPCs should stand around them though. Working ones add 5 happiness. Because: clean.

I left this mod relatively simple and quest-free. You can add the drip FX from CVA if you want. Just use QwaPA or PA to align into place.


How To Install

  1. Download mod
  2. Adjust load order
  3. Return to Main Menu to refresh data files
  4. Start game

How To Remove

Powered Objects. Start new game if removing. See Power Grid Corruption for information regarding the power grid and mods that affect it.
  1. Delete saves associated with mod
  2. Delete mod
  3. Return to Main Menu
  4. Clear cache


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Important Information

Doors are not 'real' doors. NPCs probably won't acknowledge their existence. However, they look cool and my friend Werty Perty wanted a few of them in his game for his builds. I wanted the rest for my game. :P

Vault stair doors are navmeshed; however, navmesh helpers are unavailable for PS4 so NPCs may get stuck or avoid them altogether. Use the navmesh rugs from USO to see if they will work. (Doubtful, but you can try it.) The doorways are also only finished on the inside as these pieces are from the base game, not the Vault-tec DLC. You'll need to build around them to keep weather out.

Some doors are static and do not work at all. They're just for show. One requires STC to delete after placement - there's no collision.

These are all new instances and won't conflict with any triggers associated with the activators they were duplicated from. They just open and close.

Hatches, Trap Doors, and Trap Door Ladders animate, but they are just for decoration and don't lead anywhere. Trap Door Ladders do not have a closing sound. Animations are set up for load doors so they do not open fully.


Nuka-World DLC

Technical Details

Doors (25)

Build > Doors

Working Yellow Chemical Showers (2, decontamination without power)

Resources > Miscellaneous

Slog Shower Head (1 - working decontamination without power, 1 - decoration)

Resources > Miscellaneous

Extra Large White Power Generator (produces 50 power)

Power > Generators

Artesian Wells and tank (2, produces 50 water, 1 water storage tank)

Resources > Water

Coastal Rocks (3)

Decorations > Nuka World > Dry Rock Gulch

Cliffs (3, one has prewar grass)

Decorations > Nuka World > Dry Rock Gulch

Space Elevator Car (static, incredibly strange collision)

Build > Miscellaneous

Load Order

Place with settlement object mods on your Framework.

Load Order Framework
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No issues reported.


Support for this mod has ended. No issues reported. Works as is.


Contributors and Developers


Requested by Werty Perty



Updated contact information. No changes to mod.


Updated description


No plugin update. Added link to Werty Perty's showcase and how to place video to description and gallery.

Version 5

Navmesh added to space elevator. Added WorkshopObjectScript to showers so NPCs will be attracted to them.

Version 4

Readjusted transforms on cliffs. Retesting.

Version 3

Forgot to add the COBJ for the generator, space elevator, monorail doors, and static shower. Fixed.

Version 2

Corrected derp on chemical shower crafting recipe.

Version 1

Initial upload for testing


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