Ugh. Canteen.

Ugh. Canteen. is scheduled to be added to Wasteland Imports Updated. Follow the Mod Development Journal for more information and to be informed of progress.


Survival got you down? Tired of managing your character's water intake?

I've got the mod just for you! Your very own never-emptying, auto-hydrating canteen!



Auto-hydrates the player every 2.5 game hours during survival mode.
Inspired by the Fallout: New Vegas Vault 13 Canteen.

Take a Sip

You’ll get a pop-up and a unique slurping sound every time you "take a sip' from your trusty Vault 111 canteen" just like Fallout: New Vegas canteen.

Knows When You're Sleeping

You will not auto-hydrate during sleep. The 2.5 hr timer restarts after waking.

Small File Size

Like all my tweaks, this only contains the bare necessities to do what needs to be done with minimum space used.


Recommend running Survival Mode first to get through the timer hacks at the start of the game.

If installing on a fresh game, recommend letting any Creation Club content run first to cut down start up script spam.

If you have any of the dog Creations, I can help cut down that spam. Check out Immersive Quest Start - Dogs!

How to Install

  1. Download mod, disable mod, and adjust load order.
  2. Return to Main Menu to refresh data.
  3. Start new game and start Survival Mode.
  4. Enable mod.

How to Remove

  1. Delete mod.
  2. Delete any saves associated with mod.
  3. Clear cache.
  4. Start new game.


Part of mod management is knowing when to download mods. Adding mods to your favorites from the website as you build your Framework can help you stay organized.
Not enough space in your favorites to plan your full load order? Now you can favorite your full load order without having to worry about it! Download Ugh. Mods Manager Cap.
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On a handheld device? Scan the QR code:

Having trouble finding my mods on the website? Search drunken-modding or ugh. in the Xbox search and on the website. The search is boolean and exact so use the same punctuation.

Keep in mind that mods in WIP are not searchable from in-game. From the website, WIP must be selected in order for those mods to come up.

Search Terms

drunk-turtle special-spork drunken-modding Canteen 13 ugh.

Important Information

Script checks for survival mode or does not activate the automatic function.

To turn off the canteen, select a new game difficulty. (Turning off defeats the purpose of the mod.)

After you leave the vault, a miscellaneous item, called Fresh Water Canteen, is added to your inventory. It has 0.5 weight and cannot be dropped. Couldn’t decide on the game model to use so went with a purified water can. Otherwise it would have been a magical popup telling you that you drank a thing. The real stuff goes on behind the scenes so it does not matter. The magical popup didn’t make any sense without an inventory thing though. Because canteen.

Reliant on base game HC_ManagerScript. It is not recommended for use with Survival Options or Survival Stats Widget. Survival Options and Survival Stats Widget use an older version HC_ManagerScript that is not up to date with current code or UFO4P.

If you choose to use SO or SSW with this mod, do so with caution. I cannot provide support for someone else’s mod that is not up to date.


Survival Mode

Technical Details

Check out Anatomy of a Canteen for an in-depth look at Ugh. Canteen's creation.

Ugh. Canteen. recombines base game assets to provide a functional and unique but small file sized experience.

I do not support the removal of mods during gameplay and survival is a game mode that cannot be uninstalled, nor should any mods that hook into it. Do not expect your game to work right if you remove this mod and continue on that autosave.

Load Order

Place with Gameplay with other mods that alter survival on your Framework worksheet.

Survive Load Order Disorder:

Fallout 4 Load Order Framework

A Vault Dweller's Load Order Survival Guide


All EditorIDs and FormIDs are new and contained within the mod.

If you have a texture/mesh mod, the can in your inventory will be whatever the texture/mesh mod adds.

If you are using a mod that overrides sound, the new slurping sounds could possibly be overridden.


Active development for mod has ended. No bugs reported during Active Development period. Mod works as is.

Mod is completed and is offered as is, where is.


Contributors and Developers


Ender for the request and name


Ages ago, I spoke with demonbreather about a thing and began this mod, then I forgot about it and it remained halfway complete until Ender mentioned a thing about needing Ugh. Canteens on Xbox. I dusted it off, gave it the name Ender mentioned, hooked it into survival and updated it to make sure it checked for the player sleeping.

Thank demonbreather for the initial convo (can’t remember what it was; it was in 2017 – I just had a note on the description doc I’d made for the first one) and Ender for getting me off my bum to complete it so it’s useful to survival players.



Updated description. No changes to mod.


Updated description. No changes to mod.

12/12/2019 public release

All versions prior to 12/12/2019 public release were saved to draft for internal testing and not available to the public:

12/12/2019 version 6

Updated the initial startup message to distinguish it from other mods. Fixed an issue where the WaterPurified item displayed as equipped instead of doing it’s thing silently.

12/12/2019 version 5

Fixed the gender check so that the drinking sounds are produced by the correct gender. Fixed an issue where the inventory item constantly replicated.

12/12/2019 version 4

Fixed the issue with the quest being unable to start because of a missing checkbox on the new canteen object reference alias. Added checks for canteen object so that only one will remain in the inventory at all times. Filled the properties on the new sounds because I had forgotten to do that last time.

12/12/2019 version 3

Fixed the issue with the inventory item not behaving as it should. Now the game should think it’s supposed to stay in the player’s inventory forever as advertised. Created new compound sounds with vanilla assets and added check for male and female.

12/11/2019 version 2

Added checks for MQ102 and sound effects to let the player know when they’ve taken a sip as well as fixed a typo in the popup message. Removed blank script fragment on start up stage.

12/11/2019 version 1

It would help if the check box to start the quest was actually checked. However, the scripts are now better optimized for Xbox. So there’s that.


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