Ugh. Castle Guard Markers.


Fine-tunes positions of 7 of the 20 invisible guard markers at the Castle and adjustment to the position of a persistent patrol marker. Nothing more, nothing less.

Created after a conversation with a few of 3lric's minions on Discord.


Major position change of the floating guard marker that was stuck in another marker at the Castle entrance. No longer floating and has been moved to the bridge overlooking the Castle courtyard.

Major position change of the guard marker directly in front of the clinic. It has been moved just outside the door on the left as a guard to the entrance to the clinic. - The other 5 positions were simply fine-tuned where they are (one was facing backward overlooking the water and another was sunken too low on one of the catwalks).

I do not support uninstalling mods on an ongoing save. Use a test character first.

These are furniture and idle markers and are not part of the precombines. All default layers except the one I was working with were frozen to keep from hurting things.

Persistent patrol marker may not show up as moved unless you've never loaded the Castle into memory. Recommend a new game if they do not show up, there is nothing one can do about it.

How to Install

  1. Download mod
  2. Return to Main Menu
  3. Start a new game or clear cache and return to save (see notes about persistent markers)


  • Not compatible with mods that touch the same markers.
  • Should be fine with other mods as long as they do not touch the same markers.
  • Requires patch for use with Scrap That Settlement.
  • Not necessary to use with Castle Revamped.

Load Order

Place with world edits or edits to vanilla settlements near the bottom of your load order on your Framework.

STS Patch required for LO when using with Scrap that Settlement.

Load order assistance is handled on Discord. Join the Armored Reptile Modding Community.

Load Order Framework
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Near the bottom with vanilla settlements or lower.


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Compatibility Patches

Download if you use Scrap That Settlement.

Download Download

Are you having trouble finding my mods on the website? Search drunken-modding or ugh. The search is boolean and exact so use the same punctuation.


Contributors and Developers



3lric - For letting me make the patch to Scrap that Settlement.

JESTR_ACTUAL - beta testing and finding markers to move

Desslok2870 - beta testing and finding markers to move


Technical support for mod has ended. No one reported any issues after version 3. Works as is.


Updated Description. No changes to mod.


Updated the description. No changes to mod.


Updated the description. No changes to mod.

Version 3

More fine-tuning. A compatibility patch is required for use with STS.

Version 2

  • Floating was still floating for some reason. Should be grounded now.
  • Dess pointed out one on a catwalk that was sunken too low. Raised a bit.
  • Moved the 15-second patrol marker near the clinic down the hall a bit out of the way since the settlers were attracted to it and in the way.

Version 1

Initial Release


Q: Could you make a version that removes all the invisible guard markers?

A: No. I did not feel comfortable doing so because of quests and triggers there. It was safer to leave them alone.


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