Ugh. Radiants.


Bos Repeatable quests and Minutemen radiant story quests will stay in the same world space as the quest giver. Quest givers for most quests are located in Commonwealth. When this was created there weren't UFO4P compatible mods that did this, and someone needed it for their load order, so I made one for them.


  • Designed for a Brotherhood of Steel or Minutemen play-through.
  • Doesn't touch locations. Compatible with enemy spawn mods.
  • Ensures that the quests are up-to-date with the Unofficial Patch.
  • Brotherhood of Steel Random Quests will only occur in the same worldspace as the quest giver.
  • Minutemen Random Script Event Quests will only occur in the Commonwealth and only one at a time.
  • Minutemen random events hours til reset is now set at 120 hours instead of 72. So you are not spammed by Preston.



Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch (XB1)

All DLCs (PlayStation)

Due to the nature of the game, this mod requires a new game.
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Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch - Xbox

How to Install

  1. Download
  2. Adjust load order
  3. Return to the main menu
  4. Enable before starting a new game

How to Use

  1. Start New Game
  2. Have fun.

How to Remove

  1. Disable mod.
  2. Delete all modded saves that used mod.
  3. Delete mod from the in-game menu.
  4. Power cycle your console to clear your cache.

How to Update

  1. Do not update in the middle of a game.
  2. Follow instructions under How to Remove.
  3. Follow instructions under How to Install.


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Xbox Download

Download Ugh. Radiants.

Do want to view the mod page on a different device? Scan QR code to be taken to the mod page at Bethesda.

QR Code for Bethesda mod page - Xbox
Xbox Download

PlayStation Download

Download Ugh. Radiants.

Do you want to view the mod page on a different device? Scan QR code to be taken to the mod page at Bethesda.

QR code for Bethesda mod page - PlayStation
PlayStation Download

Are you having trouble finding my mods on the website from your in-game search or just by using the website? Use punctuation and search my login name oddlittleturtle or use the following keywords:

Search Terms

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Important Information

  • If there is an update to the Unofficial Patch, do not update until you've confirmed that this mod does not need to be updated.
  • Quest Aliases are filled at the start of a new game and this mod adds a new one to each of the BoS quests. That quest alias will not be recognized if the quest is already baked into a save game.
  • Everything is tested on Xbox Series X with the latest version of the Xbox OS prior to release and checked with xEdit for sloppy edits or the CK being a derp.
  • As with all my mods, I only do the basics to get the job done. No extra fluff, no unsafe edits or deletions.
  • I do not support the addition, moving, or removal of mods in the middle of a playthrough, regardless of what they do. Use a test character, load the mod, see if you like it, and if it works for you. If not, remove the mod, delete the test character, do a cache clearance. Easy, peasy.

Minutemen Recruitment and Random Quests Affected

  • Clearing the Way for... (MinRecruit05)
  • Defend... (MinRadiantOwned01, 05, 08, 11)
  • Defend the Artillery at... (MinRadiantOwned04_BOS)
  • Kidnapping at... (MinRecruit02)
  • Greenskins... (MinRecruit04)
  • Raider Troubles at... (MinRecruit01)
  • Resettle Refugees at... (MinRecruit09)
  • Rogue Courser at... (MinRecruit08)
  • Stop the Raiding at (MinRadiantOwned02)
  • Taking Point... (MinRecruit06)
Radiant Minumen Quests
Minutemen Random quests only occur in the Commonwealth, have a maximum of 1 quest running at a time, and don't occur again for another 120 in-game hours.

Brotherhood of Steel Random Quests Affected

  • Cleansing the Commonwealth (BoSR01)
  • Feeding the Troops (BoSR05)
  • Leading by Example (BoSR03)
  • Learning Curve (BoSR04) Quartermastery (BoSR02)

Load Order

Install with vanilla quest edits near-ish the top under Fast Starts and Frameworks or Vanilla Quests on your Framework. If they do not appear to be working at that location, check your load order to ensure nothing is overriding.

A new game is necessary due to persistence. Vanilla Quest Aliases are baked into save games at game startup. You have to catch it before the game starts in order to see the change.

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Load Order Framework
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Load Order Template


Not compatible with mods that touch the same quests.

Compatible with Location mods and enemy spawn mods. (unlike other mods of the same type)


Contributors and Developers


While assisting with a load order whose owner did not want to be sent outside the Commonwealth, we realized the mods they wanted to use were too dated for their Framework. This mod was the answer so they could play with both the Unofficial Patch and how they wanted to.

Thanks to DeusZero for assisting with testing.

Thanks Cls2Edg for the bug report for the BoS quests.

Thanks Vexon for the chats.



Fixed issue with BoS Quests not behaving as expected after the last fix. Requires new game to see changes. (Reported on Discord)

Created a script-free version for PlayStation players.


Fixed issue with Cleansing the Commonwealth not behaving as expected.


Updated contact information. No change to mod.


Removed wild edit. Grammar corrections on Description.


Public Release


Initial Release for Testing


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