May I mod one of your creations?

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May I mod one of your creations?


My philosophy has always been to allow others to mod my work. If a creation or mod has new scripts, sources are included within the archives to make it easier for you. If, for some reason, they're missing, they have always been available to download from GitHub or sent on request. Furthermore, I'd love to see translations of my work so everyone can enjoy them.

Ports of others' mods I've made public are not my work and therefore are not covered by this question. They are not and never will be part of a commercial creation. You must seek permission from the original creator to port or modify their work before sharing with others. That is not a permission I have a right to give.

If you plan on sharing with others, please use these few guidelines for community-created modifications to my content.

Do not charge for patches or add-ons.

Your modification of my content must remain free and non-commercial.

Give your players enough information to make informed decisions about their load orders.

Provide a link to the creation description page for easy reference and let them know how patches work. Not everyone is experienced with modding their game.

Be fair and considerate to my players.

If my content is available for all platforms on, you too must make all attempts to provide your patch for all platforms on Consoles use the latest version of the game and uploads won't work without updating to the latest version of both game and editor.

There are exceptions, of course, such as patches for mods that aren't allowed on consoles.

If you'd like me to port your patch, let me know. I'm happy to help.

Avoid compatibility issues.

Do not recompile my scripts if it is not necessary to do so and most especially do not include either pex or source as is.

If you've found a bug with one of my scripts, report it so I can look into it.

Your modification of my content is not my creation, and it should not be associated as such.

My name may not be in your mod's title. Your mod pages may not reuse my written descriptions verbatim or marketing artwork including, but not limited to my page screenshots, logos, or box art.

There is no endorsement, guarantee, or support for any community-created modification of my work.

No AI.

Nothing in any of my content, commercial or non-commercial, may be used for data sets for AI.

If you're unsure or have questions, let's discuss it. Head on over to Discord or drop me an email.


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