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Odd Little Creations - tailored, pocket-sized experiences
Odd Little Creations - tailored, pocket-sized experiences


OddLittleTurtle tailors pocket-sized experiences for Game Pass (PC and Xbox) as part of the Bethesda Verified Creators Program!

As a Verified Creator, I can keep doing what I love to do and keep the lights on. Further, this program allows me to fine-tune engaging experiences in a way that seamlessly blends with the many different play styles and most load orders of millions of players who enjoy playing Bethesda Games.

The first verified creation release is Shotties and More, a shotgun attachment and player Background expansion for Starfield. It is available for purchase on Bethesda.net.

Discover Shotties and More Creation

Tailored, pocket-sized experiences.

Odd's Mods

Don't forget to check out my free, non-commercial mods for Fallout 4,  Skyrim, and Starfield.

Little Quality of Life Mods that Make Sense.

Fallout 4 Load Order Survival Guide

If you're here for load order assistance, the information isn't going anywhere.

Survive Load Order Disorder


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Are you shutting down the Fallout 4 Load Order Survival Guide?


The Survival Guide will continue to get updates as we chat in the Fallout 4 channel and new tidbits of info need to be made public for those not on Discord. The website information remains free of charge and ad-free as well as the newsletter. Furthermore, I actively assist with Fallout load orders on Discord, including hanging out on the Official Bethesda Discord server to offer help and guidance to all players.

What games are you going to mod?

Any game Bethesda will let me. One of my reasons for joining the Bethesda Verified Creators Program is to supplement my income so I can mod more, especially Fallout 4 and Starfield.

Are you still creating free mods?


I'm not going anywhere and neither are my free, non-commercial mods. I work towards my Fallout 4 and Starfield non-commercial mod goals every day. In fact, I recently announced the progression of Vault-tec Home and Garden. One of my reasons for joining the Bethesda Verified Creators Program is to supplement my income so I can mod more, especially Fallout 4 and Starfield.

Will you continue your Fallout 4 Dogmeat renamer series?

Yes, and they will remain non-commercial.

I've received multiple requests for the same name through various contacts or social media services. Unfortunately, it has gotten very confusing for me. You are limited to filling out only one form. Requests going forward should be put through the Discord Dyno bot forms found on the contact page. (You can also find the forms via our Discord.)

The Best Dog Ever series is dedicated to our four-legged friends who have Crossed the Tracks, and My Amazing Mutt series is dedicated to our four-legged friends who are still with us.

Discover the Best Dog Ever Series

Will you be porting any more Xbox mods?

My philosophy has always been to create my own mods. I value creative freedom over the responsibility of maintaining someone else's work.

The ports were done either because another creator asked me to or because I wanted to modify another's work or use the assets for my own Xbox projects and was granted permission to do so. However, if requested by other creators, I am happy to continue to help upload their mods to the Bethesda.net website for them. I do plan to continue to port mods with permission if I want to use the assets in my own free and non-commercial projects. I recently announced progress on Vault-Tec Home and Garden, which features non-commercial 3D art assets from other creators.

Anything ported will always be free and non-commercial.

Will you be teaming back up with Team 3lritech or working with other creators from Armored Reptile Modding?

I've been accepted into the Program as an individual creator. However, I am allowed to contract out work as needed. I'd love to work with my friends.

Check out 3lric, Tim-Timman, and Vexonar's mods on Bethesda.net!

How much do you make from Verified Creator Program sales?

I receive a royalty for every sale of my creations.

Are you still taking donations through this site's subscriptions and Ko-fi?


Right now only donations received each August are being put towards charitable works, but one of the long-term goals as I add more creations to my portfolio is to use the donations from site subscriptions and Ko-fi for charitable works year-round.

One of your creations is not behaving as expected, how do I report it?

I have to be able to reproduce any issues, bugs, or unexpected behaviors without mods installed. Verified Creations cannot have dependencies on any other creation or mod. Join on Discord to learn the reporting process.

Are your creations moddable?


My philosophy has always been to allow others to mod my work. If a creation or mod has new scripts, sources are included within the archives to make it easier for you. If, for some reason, they're missing, they have always been available to download from GitHub or sent on request. Furthermore, I'd love to see translations of my work so everyone can enjoy them.

Ports of others' mods I've made public are not my work and therefore are not covered by this question. They are not and never will be part of a commercial creation. You must seek permission from the original creator to port or modify their work before sharing with others. That is not a permission I have a right to give.

If you're planning to make a community-created patch or addon public for others, I do have a few guidelines. Otherwise, have fun.

Learn modding my creation guidelines

Will there be wine?

Of course!

And cheese.

If you prefer milk and cookies, tea, or coffee, those are served as well. Come and join us on Discord!

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Quality of life mods that make sense.



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