Best Laid Plans

I'm chomping at the bit to get back to modding.

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Best Laid Plans


With a lot of the edits to the Load Order Survival Guide out of the way and the updates to Armored Reptile Discord complete (for the most part), I'm chomping at the bit to get back into modding to get some updates done and to finish some requests.

This isn't so much a road map as me just wanting to get back into the Creation Kit and get some stuff done with it. I also want to mod other games because I do need a break from Fallout 4 to give me a breather.

4609 Creation Kit Hours
I'm either a mod author or have no life. Probably both.

Fallout 4 Projects

These are projects I need to finish or either outright requests or just ideas from conversations with people. Or simply ideas I've got and want to do.

To finish and or update

  • Update Ugh. Vendor Rugs to add more rug animations. I've got most of it done but had Ideas!(TM) that required quest and dialogue-making.
  • Finish berets mod with new colors that don't require AWKCR for crafting.
  • Finish the quests for Wasteland Imports. jkruse05 has given me permission to use a few of their assets for new weapons for the Gun Runners quests and vendors. I have most of the textures re-compressed to the correct format so they're ready for Xbox conversion. Some of the textures were not at the right compression and some were not compressed at all. All of the normals have been reduced to 512 so they don't suck down the vRAM. If that size doesn't look good, I'll have to use the originals.
  • Finish Ugh. Companions. I'm really liking the two new companions I've made.
  • Finish Trailertopia.
  • Finish the survival fork of Wasteland Imports. (It will be posted under a different name since it isn't just Wasteland Imports.)
  • Finish PAWA 2.0 since 3lric has retired from FO4 modding and given me his files. There were a couple of others that either needed updating or finishing as well.
  • Finish the Gunners vs Minutemen thing I started on. I seem to have misplaced the assets I made for it so I've got to re-do them.
  • Finish Ugh. Beauty Goo. I want a pretty face, damn it. I want to use my own things. That said, I've had permission for several people's things to implement for quite some time and haven't done it yet. I just need to finish up some more textures for skin splotches, moles, and freckles, and then make sure they're working on Xbox.

So much to finish. :/

To do

  • Fix the blood splatter thing that's going on with Poofyfoil's game. I had thought someone else had done this and they were using that other person's mod, but I noticed they made another request about it on the BGS server rather recently, so apparently not. If however, it is a bug on their armor mods with a certain body type, I won't be able to do anything about it since the armors were built against a buggy body.
  • Add more melee weapons out of regular objects - I know this is done already (in several mods, in fact), but 1) the mods that I'm aware of are very simple, and 2) I have Ideas!(TM) I want to implement in regards to modifications that require making new meshes (spikes, saw-blades, barbed wire, etc.). I have worked with meshes in Blender and Nifskope, but I really need to do more and expand my knowledge. I am by no means a 3D artist, but my piddling around with them has been fun.
  • Do something with the Crimson Caravan. I have some story ideas I want to implement and made some new assets, but I currently have no idea what type of mod to add them to. I was going to add them to Wasteland Imports but I'm going with the Gun Runners instead. I keep waffling back and forth as to which caravan to add.
  • Do something with the Followers of the Apocalypse. I have a couple of story ideas brewing, but they're just ideas. I haven't really had time to hammer out any outlines.
  • Do some weather. That green has got to go, and I want to do my own thing for a few new types of rad storm weathers. I also had some ideas for a survival-horror look that I think might look really good on the Xbox Series. I had started on it but scrapped it. I didn't like the color scheme. Low priority. There are plenty of other weather mods to choose from.
  • Do some settlement objects. Low priority. There are so many already.
  • More Detective Stories with Nick. I have some ideas, but I haven't really had time to hammer them out and do an outline. They're in my head.
  • I found some really fun sounds at and want to add them to Junk so that when you pick them up they make a sound just like with FO76. This will be a junk overhaul (which will conflict with a lot of things) so I've been putting off doing it. If I do an overhaul to the game though then those things can be implemented properly since players will only be using my mod and a few others (hopefully).
  • Robots.
  • Doggos. I found a cute Weiner dog mesh that might work for FO4.
Oops! Modding Boo-boo!

Other ideas

  • Create a Hunterborn-style mod, but do something with CustomEvents on the papyrus side. I haven't really worked with CustomEvents, and I want to expand my knowledge of them by doing a project with them. A Hunterborn-style mod will give me the chance to work with them since Skyrim does not have CustomEvents.
  • Do a VR settlement mod for the Creation Club VR thing.
  • Add more spawns from the DLC into the Commonwealth. Someone requested a port of a very broken mod. The port won't work, but I can do my own thing. Also, M's Abominations is a very broken plugin, but it has open permissions. (All of M150's stuff does.) I have plans for the assets for a few things, but it will be me doing my own thing with them.
  • Do my own thing with the prologue. I don't like how Start Me Up is implemented, and 6.0 (the version that is open for editing) is pretty borked. I think someone has updated it to include UFO4P changes and fixed several issues that were breaking all the things though. But still, I want to do my own thing.

Skyrim Project Ideas

If I ever get around to doing anything with Skyrim AE. I started several projects, but I really prefer Fallout 4.

  • Make a few houses. Can always use houses.  Theme ideas: Bandit Hideout, Breton Country style, Spiders, Vigilants of Stendaar, Synod, College of Whispers
  • Add a new Oblivion Plain. The new spider queen boss things from AE have given me lots of ideas.
  • Add Jehanna to the map with a boat somewhere that takes you there. Quests and such. Link into the Gray Cowl questline added by AE.
  • Apple orchards, apple wines, apple quests. I hate apples, but they're in every barrel. They need some love.
  • Some detective-style quests. There's a murder mystery in Windhelm, but I can't remember if there's anything else.
  • Add a steward and other things to the houses added by the Creation Club. See if xVASynth is up to snuff to be able to do that. It's pretty hit or miss.

Cyberpunk 2077 Project Ideas

These cannot be available for consoles since there is no console modding for this game.

  • River has no quests. This must be fixed. I love the Lawman archetype. I really want to do some detective stories set in the Cyberpunk 2077 universe. His storyline sets this up perfectly but nothing was done with it.

Dragon Age Project Ideas

These cannot be available for consoles since there is no console modding for this game. Low priority. I haven't messed around with the DA Toolset in... 9? years, 10? years. I have to relearn it. I cannot remember if you can create a new player character for Dragon Origins or if that was for NWN2 and the toolset that came with that one.

  • Dust off the Dragon Age Toolset and add a playable additional module outside the main Dragon Age: Origins storyline. I had an idea for it during my last playthrough of DA: Inquisition a few months ago.

Starfield Project Ideas

Yes. I know that the game hasn't come out. Yes. I know that we don't know what the story is about. Do I care? Nope. It's space. I'm making space mods, damn it.

  • Get Marvelous Designer and make some armors and clothes. The teaser trailer showed a singer in either a ball gown or a coat. I'm eager to see the armor and clothing choices and then make my own.
  • New world with quests and such. For reasons.
  • Look at how they have companions implemented and then make my own. I have some quest ideas but will need to play the game to see if those quest ideas fit.

So. Yeah. Projects. Ideas. List.

Discord Updates

In case you missed the tweet: Armored Reptile Discord has its own vanity URL now. Come join us and share it with your friends. Come talk to us about mods, video games, and load orders!

Doc, Vexon, and I are the server admins. We've changed the theme to Space Opera and updated the rules. The theme before was a pirate ship, but with engines like a flying pirate ship since my Fallout stuff was an engine room. Tarshana has retired from modding and stepped down from admin duties with me stepping in as the new starship Captain. If you're into Skyrim mods, subscribe to Vexon's Twitter to follow their updates. They've taken over Tarshana's Skyrim mods.

Join the Armored Reptile Modding Discord Server!
We’d love to meet you! Let’s talk about game modifications, modding, and load orders! | 364 members

We've switched Discord bots from MEE6 to Dyno for moderation so if you've been there before you'll need to re-verify with the Tuatara bot which game you're there for and that you've read the rules in order to open the channels to you.

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