Mod Release: Ugh. Mods Manager Cap.

Are you using over 80 or 90 mods and tired of not being able to see how many mods you have in your library or favorites when scrolling through the mod manager catalogue?

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Mod Release: Ugh. Mods Manager Cap.

So. Playing Skyrim. Again.

I swear that game.

I’m supposed to be making things in Fallout 4. I have so many commitments there that need to be completed, and I know that if I don’t go back, I’ll just open the CK and start plopping houses down in Skyrim again. I spent the majority of this year running from the awfulness of last Christmas by either converting Nernie’s Towns and Villages to a playable state for my PC playthrough, doing Fallout 4 load orders, helping someone else with their mods, or goofing off in Fallout 4 CK.

Skyrim SE Xbox with tweaks to DoF

So much to do. I’ll have an update soon for Fallout 4. I have permissions on several things that will be made into Xbox One Exclusives for Fallout 4.

Anyway, I’ve got my Xbox One S all geared up for Skyrim SE and was looking for mods to download this weekend. The in-game mod menu is so clunky. I’ve got about 600 mbs to spare. Tarshana put out Divine People of Skyrim: Etherium, and it is the mod I’ve been waiting for. I’m so sick of Imperious’ passives (Why is D&D in Skyrim where it doesn’t belong?) and that other mod that returns everything to Oblivion’s stats isn’t fun for Khajiit players at all. This one is Khajiit! That’s pouncing and scratching. I should be able to play a melee character and be able to do some damage. Besides 2014 mods are 2014. It’s time for something new for 2020.

Also, there had been a mod that came out last week that I wanted to try out, but someone decided this weekend was a great weekend to spam patches and things. And I could not remember what it was called or what the search keywords were when I was looking for it.


Then looking at the Most Popular mods, it looks like things I’ve already played with on PC from years ago. Boring. Plus some I know are broken.

There’s nothing new or exclusive. Tarshana and only a few others are the only modders that are producing things that are different and made just for console players. There were some that came out a while back that were console exclusive so looked much more interesting to play with, but because they haven’t been updated recently finding them with the in-game manager search function is a chore and I didn’t want to have to get up off the couch to go to my PC. Searching for things with my phone is a no-go. I have ads and javascript disabled so can’t see shit or do shit online with it.

Thankfully, I’m using an ini edit that allowed me to scroll through the spam and search for mods way back, but what about everyone else? I remember the guy who got so mad at me when I put out a week’s worth of dog mods for Fallout 4  — he was an asshole because those mods were dedications to deceased dogs — but still. He had a point. There’s only so many mods that the vanilla mods manager catalogue will allow us to view. Fallout 4 has chucksteel’s Mods Menu Cap Increased. Skyrim doesn’t have anything like that — and if it does, it’s hidden behind the garbage posts.

So I did thing for Skyrim players that know that same irritation. I can find stuff. Now so can they.

Ugh. Mods Manager Cap.

Xbox One Skyrim SE Game Modification


Are you using over 80 or 90 mods and tired of not being able to see how many mods you have in your library when scrolling through the mod manager catalogue? Ugh. The load order cap is 150. We should be able to see ALL 150 of them under My Library!

Are you tired of having to pick and choose which mods to keep in your favorites? Ugh. There's 11k mods to choose from. Too many limits!

Are you running a light mod list but are tired of only being able to see today's Latest mods and want to be able to see ones from last week or the week before and don't want to have to go online to search? Ugh. It's a console, not a web browser or a phone! Let us see things from the console!

Are you tired of popular mods that do nothing overshadowing the really cool mods that have very few ratings? Ugh. Can't find that ONE THING because someone ported something everyone else had to have and they did the Reddit thing and rated it above the thing you were looking for.

Are you tired of the mod spam on the weekends and then you can't find the mod you were looking for from the Latest of last week? Ugh. omg. Weekend spam!

If any of those things irritate you, then this little tweak might be what you need.

This expands how many mods you can see in the mod manager catalogue so you can keep your full load order in favorites plus add more if you want to. It works to expand all categories including Latest, Most Popular, and Search. There are now more options available for you to choose from - all from the convenience of the in-game menus.


Read the full documentation before downloading. This is in an ini edit and there are things you need to know about it before downloading.

Technical Support

Support is provided on Discord.

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