New Computer Set up

I'm very eager to see what the Commonwealth looks like in the render window -- something I could not do with my laptop.

· 3 min read
New Computer Set up


Getting my new computer set up is an exercise in patience. I chose to go with AMD CPU/GPU for the cost.

When my husband and I looked at building one ourselves and then looked at the costs at purchasing a gaming PC with all the stuff we wanted for it, it was cheaper to go with a Dell Inspiron. Our choice ended up being an AMD Ryzen 7 1700, 16 GB Memory, AMD Radeon RX 580, Recon Blue from Best Buy.

We lucked out and found one on sale a few days before Black Friday for 899. (On Black Friday and the week after, it was $100 more but still $100 cheaper than normal.) I wanted a tall tower and a large motherboard for cooling purposes. Unfortunately, the tower is 5 millimeters (yes, millimeters) too tall to fit into the cubby in the desk. We thought it would fit but did not do exact measurements. I don’t like wasting the space. Not sure how to utilize it properly and not make it look like a cluttered mess.

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