Congrats 3lric!

Congrats 3lric!

Bethesda featured 3lric as May's Monthly Modder. Congrats, man!

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3lric was recently interviewed by Bethesda Games Studios as May's Monthly Modder!

Monthly Modder: 3lric
We chatted with popular designer 3lric about his mods and the new series he’s involved with: Factories of the Commonwealth. Learn more in May’s Monthly Modder!
Well deserved. 3lric is an amazing person and a great modder.

Thanks for the shout-out, my friend. :)


It was a great privilege and a wonderful experience working with 3lric, Tim, Werty, and the rest of Team 3lritech. We had a lot of great moments– from exploding teddy bears to machines that didn't work to listening to everyone's input. It was amazing watching everyone come up with ideas and then trying to figure out how to implement those ideas on PS4.

Some worked, some didn't. But the team persevered and took a sledgehammer to the brick walls of PlayStation's Limitations.

3lric is a great leader who kept us all sane, even when it became apparent that some things just couldn't be implemented. He's also an awesome friend, and I'm very honored to call him that.

Tell 3lric he's great:

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Factories of the Commonwealth by 3lric and Team 3lritech

PlayStation Mod Limitations

Limitations aren't always a bad thing.

One of my favorite characters in a video game, Mordin Solus of Mass Effect 2, had a great line regarding limitations when Commander Shepard asks him about them. Limits challenge us, and keep us thinking outside the box. I agree. I mean, if everything is a free-ride and given to us, how do we learn? How can we learn?

As humans, we learn by doing, by making mistakes, by growing.

What do you think? How do you learn? Are you the hands-on type that has to take everything apart to know how it works? Or are you the type that can learn by watching someone else do it and replicating the process? Or a different type altogether?

Download FotC

Don't forget to check out Factories of the Commonwealth - Little Ric and Jack Dimwert's R&D. Download it on Xbox or PlayStation.

Werty's at the mod page forums giving out hints and advice for the quests if you have any questions.

Be sure to check out 3lric's informative FAQ before downloading.

FAQ Download Download

Can you find where I hid the elevator?

PlayStation Players, you can supplement the new settlement at the new Factory with 3lric's Manufacturing Overhaul! Check it out!


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