Survival Guide Changelog 5/24/2021

New Parent Discord Server

With the official forums closed, and the Parent Thread in Read-Only mode, a Parent Discord Server was necessary to set up until a new forum home can be found.

So, we have a Parent Server now!

Like the Parent Thread, the Parent Server's Fallout 4 channel is open to all platforms and is intended as a safe for work server. PC players are expected to be familiar with xEdit for patching your game.

Before just clicking the link and joining willy-nilly, please read the new sections on the Survival Guide so you know what the rules are before you join and what to do if you need to post your load order framework to receive assistance. If you just want to talk about the games or are stuck on a specific quest while you’re playing, you can hang out in one of the channels and do so as well.

Armored Reptile Gaming

Armored Reptile Gaming Discord!

Set sail on the good ship ARG!

Armored Reptile Gaming is a server for both Fallout 4 and Skyrim. We’ll be using this as our Parent Server. You’ll be greeted by our pet Tuatara, who will give you further instructions.

After reading the rules and confirming you’re human and which game you’re here for, come join us in the Engine Room to chat about Fallout, Fallout 4 Mods, and Load Orders. For the security of our members, we have Discord’s 2FA enabled. We are not responsible for Discord’s 2FA so you can read about it here.

If you join ARG and have any issues with another user, let the admins know. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind. You can contact me here or reach one of us on Discord, and we’ll take care of it with a time-out, kick, or ban.

For non-forum-ites who may not know Kojo220 , he is a very helpful member of the community and formerly a regular poster on the Parent Thread before migrating to Discord to help with Skyrim load orders.

Edfitz1, who has been a brilliant help on the Parent Thread and on the forums in general, is one of the Engine Room’s Engineers. He and Desslok2870 compiled information for problem-solving the PS4 0kb error.

How to Post for Load Order Assistance to Discord

Because of how Discord is set up (it’s basically a chat room), load orders can’t be just dumped in like you could on the Parent Thread so I’ve added several helpful sections on the Survival Guide for new users to set up the Google Sheet Template for not only organizing yourself, but to also provide a handy, shareable link on Discord. Please see Getting Help From Discord on the Survival Guide for more information, since we do have a few requirements of members before you post. Nothing major, we just want to keep the server organized and flowing so we can help you.

I’m not sure if I need to include a how-to sign up to Discord blurb (that goes a little beyond what the guide is about) but if it’s necessary, leave a comment here, contact me on Twitter, or use the Contact Form in the menu. I’ll be happy to add it in. I just want people to get the help they need. For those who have never used Discord before, here’s some additional information for you.

Also, if you don’t want to chat with other people on the Parent Server and just want one-on-one help where I do a Load Order from scratch for you without all the hassle, check out the Load Order Design Services in the menu at the top of the page.

As I made my last post on forums yesterday, I was in tears. I had already been missing not socializing with everyone, and now there’s only Discord. Hoping to have a forum set up soon. In case it isn’t made clear, everyone is welcome to come and chat with us about Fallout 4, Starfield, other games, etc. and get Fallout 4 load order help.

Just don’t be a dick. No one likes dicks.

Look at NexusMods, it’s all tits.

Changelog 5-24-2021

A Vault Dweller's Load Order Survival Guide

Updated Sections

Load Order Parent Thread

Load Order Parent Thread changed to Load Order Parent Thread Closure – updated the section with archived link to Parent Thread and new link to Parent Server.

Getting Help From Discord

Revamped the section since we’ve relocated our Parent Thread to a Parent Server. Includes current server rules (which may change if trolls appear and if anyone feels threatened.)

Let me be clear: The purpose of the Parent Server is to help anyone who needs help and anyone seen making an ass of themselves or harassing one of our guests who have come for help will be removed. For those who have never used Discord before, we don’t bite, come play with us.

Console Specific Information

Rewording, grammar, etc.

PC-specific Information

“The Parent Server provides support for all platforms and all are welcome provided all users are respectful.” moved to Getting Help From Discord

Let me be clear: PC players, you are expected to read the Tome of xEdit. Console players do not have the ability to make their own patches. We’ll guide you making your own patch, but you have the tools (that have been around since Oblivion) to help you.

New Sections Added


Armor and Weapons Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) Explained added to Modding Your Game 101 – Explains to console mod users what this mod is, what several major patches are available for it (on console), and suggested load order placement.

NOTE: The article for AWKCR is still a work in progress, but is bookmarked for quick-reference linking. I’m still looking up info for PC users to see if the current version on PC is still having issues when using LOOT. As of the last major edit to the survival guide, I removed it until I can word it properly where it is understandable for new users. There's technical jargon involved.

I’ve been on repeat in the parent server about it and before then was on repeat on the Parent Thread. It’s basically what I’ve been repeating, but with a little more technical information so users know exactly what it is. Let me know in the comments, via email contact form, or on the Parent Server if the information is more helpful to you for load order placement.

Setting Up Your Google Sheet Framework Template

Setting Up Your Google Sheet Framework Template added to How to Use this Document – seemed necessary now that we’re only on Discord instead of a forum.

Updating the Sheet Description to shrink the size of the link for Discord use – Long-winded title, I know. Following these instructions will shrink the text on the link that Discord produces so it doesn’t make Discord chaotically ugly. Instructions are short and sweet and help out to keep things orderly if you’re going to post for help with sorting.

Sharing Your Framework on the Parent Server

Sharing Your Framework on the Parent Server – What buttons to click for sharing. I’ve noticed (and have done it myself before) that sometimes people forget to share their private doc with us. It has to be shareable in order for us to read it. Here’s the reminder and instructions for how to do so.

Minor changes

Ungrammared some grammar, re-grammared it, and probably derped the hell out of a few sentences. Changed Parent Thread to Parent Server in quite a number of places but am not sure I got it all. Still some amending to do.

Apparently, I was asleep when I updated the archived forum links the last time I updated. I think I’ve caught them all now. Send me a bug report if you find one that I missed by either commenting on this post or via the contact form under contact.

Got around to actually updating the date of change on the Table of Contents. \0/

I am going to miss the forums very much. 🙁 I hope those who came to hang out and talk with us about mods come talk with us on our new Parent Server. We’ll see you there!


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