Load Order Framework Template Overhaul

Good news! The Fallout 4 Load Order Framework Template has gotten a makeover! New Features and Bug Fixes to the Google Sheet!

· 2 min read
Load Order Framework Template Overhaul

Good news!

The Fallout 4 Load Order Framework Template has received a much-needed overhaul!

New Features

  • Redesigned header with clearer instructions for use, a link to the Survival Guide for easy reference, and several places for you to customize it for yourself
  • Updated category titles to better reflect what each category is used for
  • A few bug fixes for Creation Club owners. The sheet won’t be all Creation Club items when using it now!
  • Fast Starts and Frameworks has finally been added just under the Masters category!
  • Official shortened link

Updated Categories

Fast Starts and Frameworks has been on A Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide to Load Orders for well over a year, but theJeepDriver is no longer playing, and thus changes could not happen.

The updated names of the categories have not yet been corrected on the Survival Guide, so if you have a question, feel free to ask on Discord. I’ll be pushing out those updates soon TM.

Just an FYI: Updates to the guide generally happen around the 20th – 25th of each month as I have time. I only do a post about the major ones. Most updates are in the form of typo fixes or minor notes. Check the Changelog for major amendments.

The web link to the Google Sheet has not changed! You can still find it on the LO Framework Templates page, and it is still pinned in #fo4_load_order_mod_help on 7/14/2019 at the Armored Reptile Gaming Discord, but now we have a shortened link for your convenience! http://oddsmods.xyz/FO4LOFrameworkTemplate

You can scan the handy QR Code on your handheld device.

Website Maintenance

As we continue the migration progress, we look forward to seeing everyone at the new website https://oddlittleturtle.com. We’re hoping to be settled in by the 25th with the first phase of having the development blog in place and curated load order guides. Bookmark it for future use!

Our current host is currently experiencing under-the-hood issues, and none of my top-of-the-page menus are available for navigation. Sorry about any inconvenience!

Questions or suggestions?

Have something to say? Give a shout in the comments! You can also contact me via email, join us on Discord, or follow me on Twitter @ oddlittleturtle. I’d like to know your thoughts.

Stay a little odd and have fun!

This article was original published on my WordPress website

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