Survival Guide Changelog 11/20/2022


Wishing you a happy holiday season from!

I'm supposed to be on hiatus for the end of the year, but we have a few minor edits this month to the website, the parent server, and the Survival Guide. There were enough that it warranted a full post about them.

Last month saw a few minor changes to the Framework Template (as noted on Twitter when it was updated).

One of the major takeaways from this month's changelog is: Don't scrap mole rat hills and the Precombine article has updated information for you to use when planning DLC world edit additions to your Framework.

Website Updates

Article updates

Precombines, Previs, and Load Orders article received a small update. You'll now find information regarding more up-to-date info for planning around DLC edits and links to Previsibines Repair Pack for both PC and Xbox.

I've also added a few new additional reading links to use for load order planning, including a link to snarkywriter's Triangle of Death article on the Sim Settlements forums. The information there can be used to plan your world edits -- specifically using the uGrids graphics to show you where the cells are.

Note that DAmanding has also updated their scrapping and precombine post on Sim Settlements in regards to scrapping mole rat hills. You'll find a link to his informative post in the Further Reading section of the article.

Precombines, Previs, and Load Order
Precombined References and Previs not only affect game performance but they affect mod placement in your load order.
Updated information regarding DLCs and PRP

Mod Downloading Basics permalink has been updated. Please update any bookmarks as the old link will produce a 404 error. I've opted not to change the routing. I had accidentally tagged it incorrectly, which shoved it out of the FAQ. It should now be the first post under the LO FAQ menu link at the top of your browser as well as the LO Articles menu link.

Mod Downloading Basics
Survive Load Order Disorder by knowing how to use the in-game mods manager to download mods on any platform.
Permalink updated. Please update any bookmarks. Thank you!

Mobile User Information

It came to my attention that the AMP template the site uses has a bug in it, and does not render the documentation pages as well as it could have on mobile devices with tiny screens. In fact, the More menu link – which is a drop-down list of links to the Blank Framework Template, all of my mods documentation pages, credits and permissions page, and contact information – does not show up for tiny screens. I've updated a lot of the pages with a big bold text box to tell mobile users to turn their phones to the side to access more information.

I plan on updating the website template at the beginning of the next year and updating Ghost to 5.0. When that happens, newsletter members will have access to Ghost's new commenting system (and there will probably be growing pains in the process). For now, however, if you're on mobile, please either use a larger screen device or turn your phone so the screen is larger.

Load Order Survival Guide Updates

Section Updates

While the update is minor, the information affects scrapping and load order planning regarding scrapping mods. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Troubleshooting, Warnings, and Cautions

Do not scrap mole rat hills added to Troubleshooting, Warnings, and Cautions section with guidance for using the UFO4P scripted fix to your advantage instead of a scrapping mod. Sclerocephalus informed us on the Parent Server that scrapping mole rat hills is an unsafe practice. This information on what mole rat hills are and a brief explanation of how they function have been added. I've also included a link to Sclero's post and for non-Discord members a pic of the post.

I plan on pushing a patch for Scrap that Settlement AIO to remove the mole rat hills from the scrap lists. It should be ok to continue to use without the patch, but if anyone has any issues, please submit a bug report on the FO4 bug report channel on the Parent Server or use the contact form.

Contact us. Let’s talk about load orders and mods!
For mine or any of 3lric's mods, submit a bug report using the form here.

Framework mod updates

Immersive Lawn Flamingos is now a part of CREAtive Clutter. The entry has been updated with information regarding it.

Mod authors, if you find any information that needs to be updated that I've not had a chance to update or research, please reach out and let me know so players will have the most up-to-date and accurate information when planning their load orders.

Fallout 4 Load Order Framework: A Vault Dweller’s Load Order Survival Guide
Designed to help Fallout 4 players survive Load Order Disorder by emphasizing planning, placement, and maintenance of game modifications.
Updated information regarding mole rat hills and 

Discord Updates

Rules Wording Clarification

While our Parent Server has been governed by our Code of Conduct since this site's inception, we did not have a link directly within our rules channel or a link to Discord's terms and code of conduct. This has been rectified within the rules channel, and the language of our rules made clearer and better organized to bring it more in line with our Code of Conduct. There have been no actual changes to the rules themselves other than clarification and re-numbering.

Please note that Discord allows minors to use its services.  In order to conform to Discord community guidelines, we do not allow obscene avatars or allow raunchy/vulgar user names. (This is a practice we have observed for the entire time the Parent Server has been active.) We do change nicknames if your login name is offensive, and we ask that you use an avatar that is not a real-life person as per our privacy and right to likeness clause. Please evaluate your login name and avatar prior to joining. We want you to be a part of our community. :)

FAQ Updates

New FAQ Thread regarding troubleshooting problematic mods: What is a method of finding a problematic mod in my load order?

As of this writing, I have not yet made a new FAQ post for the website regarding the above information; however, I have programmed our Tuatara bot to post the information should anyone need it as they are troubleshooting.

Mod Info

Sclerocephalus informed us that scrapping mole rat hills is an unsafe practice and their information regarding it has been pinned and added to the Known Issues channel with guidance on how to use the UFO4P's scripting to your advantage to remove the nuisance hills.

CrayonKit/DAmanding made a very helpful advice post regarding Sim Settlements for our Discord members back in August that has been transcribed to our FAQ on Discord. (I forgot to note it on the changelog back in August. I was unsure if anyone was interested in knowing what goes on on the Parent Server, but decided to start noting it since the Parent Server is used as part of our guide.)

Join the Armored Reptile Modding Discord Server!
ARMing you with mod knowledge. We’d love to meet you! Let’s talk about game modifications, modding, and load orders! | 529 members
See #FO4_Known_Issues and #FO4_FAQ channels


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