Survival Guide Changelog 8/5/2019

thejeepdriver’s additions

  • Start Me Up, No Main Quest (thejeepdriver)
  • Grammar and spelling corrections, cuz turtle can’t grammar out of a wetpaper bag (thank you, jeep)
  • Probably other things since I looked at the log last… >_>

turtle’s additions

  • Added definitions for Clean Save, Clean Save/Reinitializing a Mod
  • Moved Start Me Up and No Main Quest to Gameplay Overhauls, added notes
  • Added notes to Build Anywhere, Conquest, Workshop Anywhere, Better Settlers, and a few other mods
  • Added several of chucksteel’s Nexus ports (computer froze in the middle and some did not take, will continue to add at later date; some need more testing, so if anyone has any info on them, let us know so we can help chucksteel out – he’s got nearly 300 webpages to keep up with)

Forgot to update the date… again.


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