Survival Guide Changelog 1/23/22


The Survival Guide has seen some large updates over the last few weeks on both the Google Doc and the website. Doing the formatting for the website requires more time than just updating the doc so I've been lax in getting the changelog together as well as writing new articles. I make no excuses. I just have not gotten it done until now.

Website Updates

The FAQ page pushed through last month has been there since the site launched, however, was never accessible to the reader due to it being recognized by the Ghost content manager as a draft and only draft where linking was concerned. I had to unpublish and then re-publish the article to get it to update and not continue to 404. I forgot to turn off the automatic Twitter updates before fixing it though. If anyone finds any deadlinks, you can let me know via the contact form or via Discord. Any help is appreciated.

A new Article of Specific Questions was written and is scheduled for the 7th regarding Downloading Using the In-Game Manager. There have been a few individuals who have not been able to access the Google Docs app with Samsung phones, and I'm hoping that the information on the website instead of the Google Doc will help them out. It may also assist you weirdos who use Microsoft Edge on your Xbox. :p

Embarrassingly, I started the article on the 25th, and it is now the 5th of February, and I've finally sat my bum in the chair and done with the formatting and necessary information for all platforms. Give it a read when it ends up in your email, and if anyone has any questions or needs clarification, let me know. I am always happy to help.

For some reason, Zapier is sending out two Twitter links when an article goes out. I hope to everything two email messages per article are not going out. I am unsure how to fix this but will investigate further. I'm sure I've got something derped with either's API or Zapier's tasks. Prior to this website, and the JetPack plugin did everything that and Zapier do. All I had to do was add an article and make sure all the metadata was filled in. The email is the Ghost CMS though so if something's derped there, I'll have to check with the developer if there is an update to fix and get it pushed here. The good news is that nothing has ads in it like with

Speaking of Wordpress, all previous articles are no longer available there. I've finally hidden them. Everything is here now. If anyone signed up for the blog there (who isn't a robot), please sign up again here. I don't feel comfortable transferring your information to this site's system without your express consent, and quite frankly, I'm not sure I'm legally allowed to do that.

What is the cache and How do I clear it? FAQ page was not consistent with the Survival Guide and has been updated both on this website and the Survival Guide for consistency. New section for players with Xbox Series S|X has been added to both. DeusZero stayed on the phone with Microsoft for several hours to find out that information for us and Skyrim players as it is not on the Microsoft website. Thank you, DZ. You can also find DZ's notes on Discord under the Skyrim FAQ_General_Help channel.

Not load order related: A link to AltDrag has been added to Creation Kit Institute: Efficient Workspace Workflow for mod authors with smol screens. I just found out about this program recently and wish I had known about it when I first started modding on a laptop. Hopefully, this will help out future modders or those who need a refresher.

Minor grammar edits on some articles. Because i r gud righter...

Added a disclaimer to one of the Changelogs.

Addendum 2/6/2022:

All policy pages have been updated with links to the contact form in lieu of direct email and have some grammar and spelling errors fixed.  I've also updated the Discord page to clarify that DMing the mod authors in the Parent Server is a no-no unless specifically asked to do so from a public channel. It is not polite and is a bannable offense. The no-no words have always been there in the Code of Conduct, which governs this website, and Armored Reptile Gaming Discord.

Minor Updates

Minor corrections and grammar fixes throughout.

Added stuff, deleted stuff, forgot stuff, un-forgot stuff. More stuff. Stuff.

Rewording the copyright information to include Nexus Mods 'collections' since the guide has information about some mods whose owners have pulled their mods from there and do not want them in a collection.

To be clear, the example placements on the Survival Guide are there for players who do not have access to xEdit and need specific information regarding load orders. They are intended for informational use only for players to plan their load orders and not as a listing of best and worst mods to use. Information is also subject to change as a mod updates or as the game receives updates.

Major Updates

Section Changes

How do I Disable the Quick Resume Feature on Series S|X?

The section was added and then updated and then updated again. It should be accurate, but you have to disable the feature every time you start the game. When I first tested it, I was able to keep from having to disable it each time. Apparently, I had hit a hiccup in the system. It evened itself out, and now it must be disabled each time.

Player Due Diligence

Clarified the difference between load order help and technical support. Many mod authors have Discord servers now due to the shutdown of the forums. Visit them and thank them for their mods. You may also find useful information regarding how to use them.

PS4 0kb Issue Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting issue brought over into the Survival Guide with more concise instructions for absolute beginners. Still in-progress so PS4 players please continue to use the link or the forum link. As of this writing, Bethesda has not removed Desslok's thread.

Sections Updated

What is the difference between a clean save, a dirty save, and a vanilla save?

Examples added.

Workshop Assignable

Added blurb to let players know there is no safe uninstall for settlement mods that add assignable objects. There are no scripts written by anyone who takes into consideration auto-assignment of beds when uninstalling their workshop mod that I am aware of. This worries me when uninstalling so better to be safe than sorry. For those of you who are old hats, you know about workshop mods and how they can break if you uninstall them. The new guys do not.

Downloading Basics
Links to the Bethesda mods site and information on how to navigate the website added. Also added to this website with additional information

New Sections: Account Required

Has links to how to create an account and information about account linking

Navigating the Bethesda Website

Tells you how to navigate the two main tabs of the mods site.

"All Mods" Tab, "My Mods" Tab

Includes information on what these Tabs are on the website because I haven't seen anything that actually defines how to use them. This is not only useful for console players but for PC players who do not wish to use other mod sites.  There were some questions in discussions on Discord. So hopefully the new sections will help. Let me know if any other information is required or wanted.

Settlement Building Mods (Script Injected)

This section has been split into 3 sections for ease of updating these sections; it is mostly to make it easier to read for the reader, to help keep me organized when updating, and to assist in helping the reader find out what type of mod goes where.

This information is not on the Framework Template as new categories. Currently, I do not think it is necessary. If someone needs these to be actual categories on the Framework worksheet, let me know. I'll add new categories. Whatever you guys need to make modding your game easier, that's what I'm trying to do.

New Sections:

Specialized Toggle Menus

Contains mods like Custom Vanilla Assets (PS4, ported to Xbox)

Pre-SMM Scripting

Contains mods like Settlement Objects Expansion Pack

Requires Settlement Menu Manager

Contains mods like Creative Clutter

Changes to Load Order Survival Framework

Disclaimer: Inclusion on the Survival Guide's Framework example placements does not constitute an endorsement. Some mods chosen may be obsolete or may not work with the current build of the game and may have been chosen solely to let the player know they are not current or are obsolete.  Mod authors are hobbyists and are not expected to maintain their mods once released.  Placements and information are subject to change upon mod authors updating or new information becoming available. Mods belong to their respective owners and are included for informational purposes only. The player is responsible for their own due diligence and their own game prior to downloading.

Doing research on these takes a lot of time and several are only 'included' with no additional information about them to give players a starting point as to where to start testing them.

I was working on the settlement mods sections to update the formatting and noticed there were no turret mods. A search on gave me 12 to work with and do research on. There was one that did not have enough information in the description nor did it have a PC equivalent to even start to know what it did or how it worked. This has been noted. If a mod doesn't have enough information, how is anyone supposed to be able to download it, let alone figure out where to place it with other mods? I try to be as objective as possible, but shit like that makes my eyes twitch.

The sections are also pretty bare for PS4 users so I did what I could to find PS4 mods that also have enough information in the description where I could make an educated guess for PS4 players just starting their modding journey. Test them before committing to your save first, guys. There's no PC version to verify what they do.

I also pulled some mods from my current playthrough to add since they weren't there but ran out of research steam. Several have since been updated so it's a good thing more information was not added.

Faction & AI Overhauls

Added Mojave and Capital Wasteland monsters to this section since they are added to the Story Manager and faction lists.

Mods Added

  • Capital Wasteland Behemoths
  • DC and West Coast Super Mutants
  • Institute Centaurs
  • Lamprey Floaters
  • Mojave Cazadores (received an update by the MAs between now and then)
  • Mojave Geckos
  • Mojave Mantises
  • The Famished
  • DC Molerats
  • Capital wasteland Robot Pack

Settlement Building

Most of the mod entries in Settlement Building have been updated with new information and have been re-formatted using the formatting that began last June or July.

Mods Added

  • Modern Warfare Sentry Turret
  • Paper Shredder Turrets
  • Power Free Turrets
  • Stronger Workshop Defenses
  • Sturdy Armored Settlement Defenses
  • Top Attack Turrets
  • Vault Boy Turret
  • Whisper's Enhanced Turrets
  • Whirlygig Sentry
  • Logics Electronics
  • Workshop Turret Pack
  • Immersive Lawn Flamingos
  • Alternate Power sources
  • Captain's Workshop Mega Pack
  • Solar Street Lamps
  • Assignable School Desks
  • Shop Rugs
  • Shop Rugs 2.0
  • Sarajiel's Vendor Rugs For Coffee And Donuts Workshop Pack
  • Sarajiel's Military Pose Idle Marker
  • Sarajiel's Smoking Idle Marker
  • PS4 Base Game (No DLC) Guard Chairs
  • Insanely Dangerous Turrets

Atmosphere, Environmental, Texture

This section has not been updated with new formatting. I ran out of steam with the settlement mods. I'll attempt to get to it in the next update, but no promises. There are more settlement mods to go through still. And all dem greenifiers. Ugh.

Mods Added

  • Pip-Boy 3000A
  • Holotape Classic
  • Fallout 3 NV Feral Ghouls Replacer

New Companions

This section has not been updated with new formatting.

Mods Added

  • Fallout NV - ED-E Companion


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