Survival Guide Changelog 5/13/2020

There was a request to make the guide more like Skyrim's logical load order. I don't think people realized that the template on the Parent Thread's OP is the logical load order. Jeep made a worksheet for downloading. Not sure why no one is using it to keep themselves organized outside the game. We've added the links to the title page in this update.


Had forgotten that there was already Precombined section in the PC Appendix that I’d written last September. Merged the old section with the new. (still needs refining) Renamed to Optimizations System Conflict Resolution.

Removed tentative LO for Landscape/Grass mods – They be nightmare fuel. Testing is required for any of them. Landscape section itself has moved directly above scrapping mods but it is a very fluid section because of the optimization system.

Section Updates

Title page

Jeep’s blank templates added to the first page. Some extra Mom Words added for clarity.   Alphabetized the special thanks. There was never an order to them, now it’s at least orderly.

Forward Section

Rewording, grammar edits, discord blurb for xbox users since I’m more on discord than Bethesda website these days. May remove later. I’d prefer to keep info in a more public place for all platforms.   Creation club section title shortened.

Added new links to forums for information about optimization system and added Bethesda support’s twitter and status page in light of the mod servers going down.

About This Document

About This Document changed to About This Guide. Reworded first section and changed section name to What is the Load Order Survival Guide?

Modding 101

Rewording to What Are Mods and What is Load Order. Added examples of incompatibilities.   Xbox One X limitations blurb added to Best Practices.

Additional Info Added

Best Practices when Using Scripted mods – Don’t uninstall/disable.

Using the in-game mod menu – Added a blurb to the first paragraph that had never gotten in for some reason or another.

Mod You Want to Use Not Listed - Reworded.

Sections Renamed

My Game Crashed! name changed to Troubleshooting Crashes

Reworded There are seven things… section and changed the name to There Are Seven Things To Keep in Mind When Designing a Load Order.

The Categories renamed to Framework Categories and the categories with descriptions of what types of mods go in them (long overdue).

Master List

Name change of Master List to Load Order Survival Framework. Not really a master list. The mods lists are examples of where to start testing mods for your load order.

New Sections

How Do I Remove Creation Club Content?

It's a frequently asked question at the forums.

How Do I Remove Creation Club Content? section added. Formatting to installation section adjusted and section title added.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Section added. Some is Jeep’s stuff from the Parent Thread OP, some is mine. Questions so far:

  • What is the difference between installing and enabling a mod?
  • What is the difference between deleting and disabling a mod?
  • How many mods can I download?
  • What is the difference between a ‘clean save’, a ‘dirty save’, and a ‘vanilla save’?
  • What is the cache?
  • How do I clear my cache?
  • When should I clear my console’s cache or rebuild my PS4 database?
  • Why is my game crashing?

New Category

Added Fast Starts and Frameworks category under Master Files. Skk.50’s fast starts will go there as well as Commonwealth Contraband. PS4 players will need to let us know if there are any mods that are frameworks for them.

Mod Category Updates

Settlement building mods without script injection – Powered Objects – AKA mods that affect the power grid and will corrupt saves if removed improperly (maybe removed at all) in the middle of a play through Workshop Assignable Pure Decorations

Menu-Scripted Building mods (still working on it) AKA mods that will break workshop menus if uninstalled incorrectly Mods moved – Gore Galore!, Lights with Shadows & Beam Effects, DFEP

Minor Corrections and Changes

Grammar-related minor derpage underped, rederped, and derped again throughout.


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