Survival Guide Changelog 9/20/2019

Fallout 4 Load Order Survival Guide received a pretty large update today.

You can find it here.

Changelog 9/20/2019

  • Began the arduous task of adding and linking reference bookmarks
  • Added thejeepdriver’s Google Worksheet and Google Document to the Useful Links section – I’m not sure why this was not added before now :/ I’m sorry, guys.
  • Rearranged a few links under Useful Links section
  • Rearranged Modding Best Practices in an order that gives priority to planning your load order and testing your mods
  • Added Wrye Bash to Mod File Management and made a note about BA2 Extraction being unsupported and never recommended (there is a mod manager out there that does it but am not sure which)
  • Changed ‘there are five(5) things to keep in mind… to ‘there are six(6)…’ seeing as there are now six and I don’t remember when the sixth was actually added. >_>;
  • Added information for PC users under Manual Modding on PC is recommended for first timers
  • Added information for PC users who use the in-game manager under Xbox and PS4 AUTOMATICALLY ENABLE any mod you download
  • Edits/expansion/rearranging to How Do I Update a Mod? based on recommendations in the Parent Thread after posting the proposed edits (It has also been renamed to How Do I Update a Mod Using the In-Game Manager and is no longer Xbox specific but has information for all platforms)
  • General grammar edits cuz I r grammar gud n stuffs
  • Other minor things I cannot remember
  • Posted to the document’s Parent Thread: Load Order FAQ and Assistance on to inform users there


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