Survival Guide Changelog 9/12/2022


I've joined Team Ouachita Wasteland as their level designer and so my time is stretched very thin. I have decided to take a hiatus from updating the Survival Guide on Google Docs on a monthly basis. The Google Doc has gotten too large to update. I've been blogging about load orders since 2016 when I was on Blogger, and the guide has been around since 2017. It's time for a bit of a break. The website will continue to see semi-regular updates as I'm able to do so with most of the info being added here so that it is registered with the Google search engine.

I'm also maintaining Start Me Up Redux and have had trouble uploading for the past month so I'm hoping to get it updated soon.

Although they were tiny, I was able to create 3 mods this last month. Very happy to be back creating things.

On a Sad Note

Our dog, Falafel, has cancer. She is 13. This year may be the last one we get to spend with her so I'm creating a large dedication mod for her that will be all about dogs and require the Creation Club dog creations. I want to do something nice for her and for the community. So I'm collecting names. All the names from my previous series and as many more as I can.

If you would like to see your dog's name in the mod or in one of my other series, My Amazing Mutt! or Best Dog Ever, join us at the Parent Server. After introducing yourself, go to the FO4 FAQ channel and read the last Thread in the Channel to submit a dog name request. You can also use the contact form here.

Join the Armored Reptile Modding Discord Server!
ARMing you with mod knowledge. We’d love to meet you! Let’s talk about game modifications, modding, and load orders! | 457 members
The Parent Server

If you are already a member of the Parent Server, just fill out the My Amazing Mutt! form:

Dyno - My Amazing Mutt! Submission Form Form
If you would like a personalized TransDogrifier collar named after your dog with a fun backstory just for you, fill out this form. Note: PS requests won’t have the renaming of Dogmeat due to SONY restrictions. (There is not a default script for such things.) Xbox versions will be scripted to rename…
My Amazing Mutt!

If you've lost a dog and want to travel with them in Fallout 4, just fill out the Best Dog Ever Series form:

Dyno - Best Dog Ever Submission Form Form
If your dog has passed and you would like to rename Dogmeat to your dog’s name, fill out this form.You can also use the contact form on Turtle’s website:
Best Dog Ever Series

Framework Definitions Update

The Google Doc has been updated in two places as well as the website with new information, subcategories, and definitions.

Load Order Framework
Survive Load Order Disorder by sorting your mods using these categories defined below.
How to Load Order

New subcategories: Camera, HUDFramework, Main Menu/DEF/FallUI, Scopes/Other SWF, INI, and Other.

Pip-Boys and Map Mods

New subcategories: INI, Replacer, Maps, Pip-Boy HUD

Character Model Replacers, Enhancers

New Subcategories: Skeleton/Animation, Face/Face Morphs, Body (Human), Body (Creature), Stats (Creature), Hair, Eye

Craft Your Own

Definition updated, mods already in the categories re-arranged

New Subcategories: Framework/Overhaul, Chemistry Bench, Armor Bench (wearable weapons), Power Armor Bench, New Workbenches, Armor and Weapons Community Resource Addons, New Recipes

Weapon and Armor Modifications

New Subcategories: Framework/Overhaul, Replacer, Armor Bench, Weapon Bench, Weapon Sound/Animations, Ammo


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