Mod Releases 7/28/2019

Fallout 4 Mod Releases for July 2019. Not one but three new mods this month!

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Mod Releases 7/28/2019


So much for the weekly updates…

Things that have been accomplished:

  • Added more things to do to the list to accomplish. -.-
  • Ugh. Radstorm.
  • Ugh. God Rays. The Third.
  • Ugh. Garage Kit.

Things that have not been accomplished:

  • Everything else.


In other news, demonbreather has returned to the FO4. Very happy about that. He’s fun and very knowledgeable.

Ugh. Radstorm.

Ugh. Radstorm.

Tiny weather mod done as a request that keeps Rad Weather enabled in all DLCs.

Open Beta in WIP. Test it out and let me know how it works for you.

Ugh. God Rays. The Third.

Ugh. God Rays. The Third.

Final mod in the anti - God Rays saga. No God Rays and No Lens Flare on PS4!! You're welcome, god rays haters.

Ugh. Garage Kit.

Xbox has Snappy House Kit. Now PS4 has some Garage Kit pieces.

Mod is updated regularly. Team 3lritech's PS4 level designer is using the kit to build something awesome. :)

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