What is Reserve Space and how do I clear it?

Reserve Space

On Xbox, there is a reserved storage space for game modification downloads. It is also the storage space for the Creation Club content.

It is part of good maintenance to clear this space and re-download mods or Creation Club content every so often to avoid bloat in the event a mod gets renamed or if you are starting a new game.

If you have encountered an issue where you cannot return to the game to delete mods that causing issues, you will need to clear your reserved space.

This is not the same reserved space used for saves files. While online, saves are automatically synced with your Xbox account. Clearing this reserve will not delete any saves on the cloud and when you load Fallout 4, they will be re-synced and show up under your saves in the menu.

How to clear the reserve space

  1. Press the Xbox Guide/Home button on your controller to bring up the Home Menu
  2. Select My games & apps
  3. Select See All
  4. Highlight Fallout 4 and Select Manage Game
  5. Select Saved Data
  6. Select the second entry labeled Reserved Space (it says 2.0 GB beside it)
  7. Select Clear Reserved Space
  8. Return to the Dashboard and power cycle your console to clear the cache

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