What does "Operation Not Completed" mean?

Operation Not Completed

Sometimes when you attempt to download a mod, you will receive an error and "Operation Not Completed". This can mean one of several things. Here are five different reasons the error could occur for you and some basic troubleshooting tips if they do. This list is not necessarily a complete list, it is simply the most commonly encountered reasons we've found for the errors. If you've tried any of the troubleshooting tips and are still having an issue, let's talk about it on the Parent Server. Let's see if we can figure it out together.

Check Your Space First

The first thing to do is to check how much space you have used. Have you gone over the amount of space allocated to mods? Have you gone over the limits of plugins you can download?


Keep up with how much space you've used by using the calculator on the Load Order Framework Template.

Keep in mind that the website and in-game mod manager do not use the same units of measurement.
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Bethesda Server Issues

Bethesda website is a live service. They may or may not use a third party for their servers just as most very large software businesses do. Uptime is not a 100% guarantee on any server to any business.

If a mod is freshly updated, it may take a while for it to propagate across the system. Wait about an hour if you see your favorite mod has just updated. A mod has to propagate and show up for all languages the Bethesda site supports, and may not have hit the servers at the time you logged in.

This could take longer if:

  • Weekend upload and download traffic are heavy
  • The server is having issues
  • Any of the services Bethesda uses for its storage has issues
  • The website is undergoing updates
  • There is a power outage


Check their Support Twitter account or on the Support Status Page prior to panicking.

Check the date of the mods to see if they are new or just updated before you download. Check both the upload and update dates. Check also if the mod has data filled in as to file size. If the size values are missing, there is a good chance something went wrong with uploading to the Bethesda site.

Microsoft or PSN Server Issues

Server issues for PSN or Microsoft or your internet connection are receiving time outs. Check PSN or Microsoft or your internet connection.

Internet Connection

Check your internet connection. Bethesda games are games as service and require a good internet connection. Wired connection will be the best way to connect online for online gaming.

Same Name

You've downloaded a mod with the same name as another mod. You've now got the old mod's archives taking up room in your reserve space, but the plugin file has been erased by the system. Now you cannot download anything else because you've hit the space limit of how much you can download. Skyrim players call this "Ghost Space".

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